Runescape Weekly Podcast

Reviews For Runescape Weekly Podcast

The podcast is very long which can be a good thing if the content is engaging and well structured. Unfortunately that is not the case with this podcast. The host starts off by listing Way too many topics to cover in one podcast. I was still intrigued at this point, but he then goes off topic for 20+ minutes. Lost all interest at this point and deleted podcast.
If you love Runescape or even if you once loved it, this podcast will not disappoint as a perfect supplement to the game we all have known and loved. Magebit, the host, is a true veteran of the game who offers expert commentary on game content, cohosts with a myriad of differing and often opposing viewpoints, and the show welcomes community engagement with open arms and a Discord chat. No matter who you are or how you play, this podcast is for you. Mage never stops, and will not disappoint in offering the best entertainment in Runescape podcasting!
I love the hard work you and your team put in!
Been listening for over a year. Very professional, funny, and informative. Great to listen while scapeing
This is the best RuneScape show and even better they are still active and have been for several years
I enjoy listening. Mage is always entertaining and very informative :-)
Always looking for new ways to ingest Runescape media, and let's be honest, no one like to hear the smug British mods in the Jagex podcast, Mage does a great job at conveying a good sense of the content and has a genuine interest in the world of Runescape and has a voice of the people. Keep up the good work.
Great show. I look forward to listing to every week, very informal and doesn't drag too much. The host Mage bit seems to put a lot of work in keeping the show entertaining. Lots of alternating co-hosts with varying skill levels keep it pretty fresh and encompasses many different out looks in the game.
A must have for any Runescape fan. Full of helpful information, humor and an overall good experience. I would also like to say thanks for keeping us aware of the micro transactions and how they can be harmful to us and our computers. Keep up the good work!
One of the only up to date rs podcasts out there. Listen to runescape veterans Magetit and shadow gracefully cast runescape news, tips, and discuss important rs issues.
A show that must see, great entertainment and informative.
Magebit is a great host and obviously works really hard to get the podcasts up for people to listen to! The shows are always informative and amusing to listen to, especially when Hydra and Swizzy happen to join in =] Keep up the great work, Mage, and thanks for all your help. Happy 'Scaping!