Message to Kings - A Biblical History of Man

Reviews For Message to Kings - A Biblical History of Man

I love this Podcast! Brett does a wonderful job bringing together and sharing his knowledge gleaned from his studies of the Kings and Chronicles. He sounds so personal and friendly, I feel like he's leading a Bible study. I look forward to each and every release!!!
I teach a Sunday school class of middle school age kids . This is so helpful to giving me the insight I need to help them so more than words . But see Gods word and works . Thank you for this podcast .
I love Biblical history and found this podcast while looking for something to entertain me while I was recovering from PRK eye surgery. My eyes are now healed and I will be finishing the series and waiting for more! Very accurate, scripture based, and interesting. Thank you!
WOW!!! Let me say it again, WOW!!! I found this podcast kind of by accident or rather by Divine intervention. I was looking for a podcast on how to be a better christian man and what the bible says that a man is. Well I found it. What better way to learn what it means to be a man of God, than to look back at all of the historical men (and women) of the bible. With this podcast I have found myself really begining to walk in relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Brett does an amazing job. I listen to several other podcasts but this one is my favorite. Brett is certainly using his gifts of the Holy Spirit here. Listen because it is so much more than history here.
I recently found this podcast and I’m listening from the beginning. What I’ve heard so far is excellent content. Brett does a great job, some of the guest host episodes don’t resonate as well. The only things I’d modify are the intro/outro music (none is needed), also the sound effects for the most part are annoying and make hearing the actual content more difficult. I’ll still recommend this podcast to others.
Overall, I really like this podcast. I really wanted a historical view on the Bible, talking about the actual historical figures, the facts we know about them, etc. This podcast is some of that, but mostly telling the stories, and it is great for that. Being a Christian, this is still great for me. I don't like the stupid music in the beginning or the dumb sound effects. Change the song, and take out the sound effects, and it'd be a definite winner! Still a great show either way!
Heard your intro from Lance's podcast. Looking forward to more biblical knowledge and listening to those who are pursuing Lady Wisdom.
So far, listened up to the point where Moses and the gang are parked and getting the Ten Commandments. Along the way I noticed a few things. For one, instead of sticking to what the Bible actually says, the story tends to go off on a tangent based on the beliefs of the podcaster. Then is using the Bible to justify the American antebellum South use of slaves. Quite a bit of time is spent on this topic and why the South was justified. Which pretty much explains why almost nobody up north takes Southerners seriously when they start jumping up and down claiming slavery was wrong. For every Southerner claiming slavery was wrong, there are at least ten more trying to use the Bible to justify slavery. One more thing I noticed was the imagery that accompanies the podcasts. It seems most of these images are either taken from the Middle Ages and show a very distorted view of what the Bible says based on what people of the Middle Ages understood of the world around them, which really wasn't all that much. That group of images would be the group that was not altered but yes, from a historical perspective, is correct when taken in context of the time the paintings were created, warped as it can be. The other group of images are that ones that were clearly photo-shopped recently. In fact, the most obvious one is the image of a Middle Eastern man standing over a skeleton which is supposed to represent a giant. Did a search on the Internet for that image. It seems the photo was supposedly taken in Wisconsin in 1912. I was not aware they had color photography of that high quality back then. And I didn't know Wisconsin had desert land and obviously Middle Eastern people wandering around in Middle Eastern style clothing. Learn something new, right. Wrong! More searching revealed the true source of the photo. It seems there was a contest a few years ago. The goal was to create a photo-shopped image that appeared so real that Christians who interpret the Bible word for word, no questions asked, would instantly believe it. Turns out it was the winner of the contest. Who judged the contest? The above mentioned group of Christians, except nobody told them the photos were fakes created on computers by artists intent on fooling them. It worked. And apparently it is still working. Which leads me to believe I could go to a slaughterhouse, buy a bunch of cow bones, arrange them accordingly in a pit, take a photo, and convince these same Christians the bones were actually those belonging to a giant. I might not convince as many as the photo-shop guys did. But I am pretty sure I could find a few. That Barnum guy was correct. So now the real question. Is the podcaster intentionally trying to fool the audience? Or not?
This is an engaging and addictive chronological review of biblical events. The author's passion for the subject is contagious. He has worked hard to make the subject matter interesting and to add to the biblical history combining other historical sources. One of the podcasts I look forward to the most.
This podcast give a behind the scenes look behind the familiar Bible stories. Brett works hard at putting out a high quality podcast and each episode gets better.
Not only does he pervert the Torah, much of which was taken from myths of older cultures. But for some reason he thinks dinosaurs lived with man. The devil isn't the serpent Eden. The story is an allegory for when mankind switched from hunter/gatherer to horticulture. Plus he doesn't seem to recognize that the devil is merely a scapegoat so that in a monotheistic religion people can have someone other than "God" to explain why good people suffer. Just look at the book of Job doesn't the angel's title who talks to "God" sound familiar?(the angel is also a metaphor but taken literally by Christians) Plus the picture of the devil is usually an amalgamation "pagan" gods including the goat legs of Pan. Basically the Bible, Torah, etc are as historically accurate as ANY OTHER MYTHOLOGY, based off true events sometimes but horribly twisted and mangled.
Brett's done a fine job of looking at history from a thoroughly Biblical perspective. I enjoy his insights into well-known and much travelled passages in the Bible.
Love this podcast!!
Keep it up!
What a wonderful find! A narrative of the history of mankind that includes what almost every other historical narrative excludes---God's part of the story. Beginning with the War in Heaven, before creation of man, into the Garden of Eden, and the Antediluvian age, the Nephilim, Noah and the Patriarchs, Bret sites biblical and extra biblical sources to unfold the tapestry of HIStory. I am really looking forward to following this podcast through into the current age. Highly recommended.