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Keep up the great work Jason!


Awesome show!

I really enjoy listening to Jason Rantz. He’s funny, smart, and his delivery is very entertaining.
Great show to listen too while waiting for the Ben Shapiro show.
Love the show! Great fun and lots of political insight
I have been listening to Jason Rantz for years. Every day I listen to the podcast and his political views and opinions resonate with me. I love the show.
with so much of the Seattle media's coverage coming from a certain perspective, The Jason Rantz Show provides a valuable counterpoint. Essential listening to get all sides of the issue.
Valuable discussion on local issues, state issues, and national issues. Serious commentary and very entertaining. And OK Jason ... your hair is pretty awesome! Great show!
Great show but it sounded better with Jacobs mustache.
Great show to listen to. Very good perspectives on issues going on in Seattle.
I like Jason “not his real last name” Rantz. Is he great? No. Is he bad? No. But he is someone that gives you an insight into the liberal policies and policy makers in/around Seattle. He has a witty humor although he will reuse the same bits. They make me laugh but I feel shame for it. He likes soccer but I don’t judge him for it. I do hope he finds people to date. I do like how he has a new producer. The old one was so sad and desperate to be a “woke” person. Although that’s not why I didn’t like him, it was more about how he would talk about dating and Jason would than get sad because he has a rough time dating. It made me feel bad for Jason. But yeah, listen to the show and enjoy it the best you can, I know I do!
I feel pretty lucky to have both Jason Rantz and Todd Herman to listen to when stuck in gridlock traffic that defines life in the Seattle metro area! They make it a little, very little more tolerable! In all honesty, I really enjoy these guys conservative point of views. They are pragmatic and offer a moderate point of view that is missing in today’s daily discourse! Keep up the great work guys!
Fair, balanced, often highlights contradicting perspectives and encourages debate.


I love the show worth listening to.
I enjoy listening to a sane voice in Seattle.
The producer is awesome.
Hello! I love this show and especially the after show podcast! It would be pretty rad if you mentioned me in one of the after show podcasts!!! Thanks and keep up the good work! Andrea B.
My favorite show!
I love waking up in the mornings to listen to you guys! Keep it up!
Hopefully this helps Jason whine that much less about his fans writing reviews for the podcast. But mostly I want to say how entertaining he is ALL THE TIME! Keep up the great work guys!
I enjoy listening live during the 7 am hour each morning and continuing the experience with the podcasts. Especially enjoy the after-show w/ Jacob and appreciate the periodic return of Rantz and Burns.
Great local morning show that has podcasts.
The show is great! Balancing news/opinions/commentary/quirks in a manner that gives you hope. Its a show where if everything in the world is failing to pieces, at least you will be entertained hearing about it. As for the PodCast exclusive "The Aftershow" It is my favorite part but it will make you question all of the new found intellegence that you just acquired. The Aftershow gives an insight into our host Jason Rantz and his trusty "Boy Wonder" side kick Jacob Rummel lives and adventures in radio. After hearing about Jason's life for 5 minutes I am gurenteeing that you will feel better about yours and will know that if Jason can find the streagh to get out of bed every morning and carry on, anything you face today will be a cake walk. In all farness it is a great show and would strongly suggest subscribing!
This show is good. Jason is good. KTTH is good. Politics is good. Producer Jacob is not good. Producer Jacob is bad.
I listen on my drive to work, then catch up on what I missed with the podcast later in the day. Jason is a common sense thinker and lays arguments out really well.
Jason is rare in today's world. He's not about destructive party politics and instead -talks about real issues and brings forward real solutions. He's smart and witty. I love listening to him when I can in the am.
Well researched on every topic but not unnaturally weighed on one side. Enjoyable banter with his co-workers makes listening to Jason's show informative and fun.
I listened to the Jason and Burns show for several years and was sad to hear of the break up, but honestly I love Jason's new show and I love his after show podcast. Makes me look forward to homework lol.
Best show in Seattle.
Its nice to hear local stories that have a different opinion from the standard liberal Seattle slant. Don't get me wrong, I'm as liberal as they come. But it's nice to hear voices from the other bubble, we might not agree on everything. But there is some middle ground there.
I've been listening to the show for a while when it was just Jason Rantz. Best podcast on KIRO radio, certainly better than Ron and Don. Burns adds a good counter balance to Jason's sometimes crazy opinions. Jason reminds me of a less antagonistic version of Ben Shapiro and adds some opposing opinions to the Seattle political scene. Overall worth listening to.
If you want to stay updated on the Pacific Northwest then listen to Zachary Burns!!!! Ok Jason also.
I have been listening to this show for months. It's continued to be the best show where you get two opposing viewpoints and a fantastic discussion. They don't over power one another during the discussion and the level of knowledge between both of them makes it much easier to listen. I currently download the show and listen to it on my drive home instead of listening to Rom and Don.
Jason does a great job of presenting logical arguments and taking down emotionally based arguments. He does it without being cynical and all the while remaining some what humorous.
Jason gets to the grit of the issues. Gives both sides of the issue to open your perspective. You will not be disappointed. Keep it up man!
One of my favorites!
Jason is smart, on point and fair. He covers all sides of an issue. If you're interested in in depth coverage of the news and politics, this is the show for you.


By Dr. Zip
Great show