i heart life: The How-To of Spiritual Living

Reviews For i heart life: The How-To of Spiritual Living

I really enjoy this podcast. Yvette's voice is very soothing. It really sounds as if she is speaking directly to the indiviual listener and that she geniunely cares about your well-being. Her message is positive and her advice and quotes provide helpful guidance.
What a wonderful series ... so refreshing, so genuine and so poignant. It's almost as if Yvette was talking right to my heart and soul. Telling me everything I needed to hear to confirm the powerful, beautiful, capable person I am. I know I have a lot of love and talent that I want to give to the world and she is the little voice on my shoulders saying "DO IT. YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DREAMED OF!"
I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this wonderful podcast! This is exactly what I've been looking for, for quite some time! She is so articulate in expressing herself, thoughts, feelings, and communicates in a way that I can totally understand and relate to! I've been looking for a podcast that discusses life and spiritual matters...this one totally vibes with my own energy and I look forward to many more episodes! Keep up the great work!:)
I love that this can benefit and inspire ANY individual out there, no matter where he/she is in life. Not only does Miss Yvette touch upon embracing life, she also discusses approaching life. From a personal standpoint, "i heart life" is a powerful reminder for me to enjoy my life, and stop letting it pass me by while focusing so much on my career – a very simple reminder, but one that many tend to easily neglect! At the same time, it encourages me to move forward in life, to strive to better myself as a human being. Can’t wait to hear more episodes! To anyone who has not subscribed yet - omg what are you waiting for???
Yvette gives her audience something inspirational and touches on things that really speak to you!
I wasn't sure what to expect but almost immediately I was taken in by Yvette's comforting ability to tranform me into a meditation. Because I could feel all that was being spoken--almost like I was experiencing it for myself, through her virtually. I could feel what she was speaking. A true objective view of living spiritually! A must listen!! I'm hooked and spreading the word.
Yvette has done an amazing job with this podcast. It's like food for your soul. Very inspiring and enlightening. Keep 'em coming!
This is a testimony to a true experience. You can tell the as ahe lives thew the moments that she is speaking. I was inspired and empowered looking forward to more!
I Heart Life offers such a fresh take on life and spirituality. Inspirational!
Good beginning.