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You guys should be on 105.7. Great show, I listen all the time.
Easily the most enjoyable podcast about Baltimore Sports. Been listening for a couple of years now. Since that time, I’ve looked forward to my Tuesday morning work commute. Keep up the great work and please continue talking and making Josh upset about the about the QB controversy.
I enjoy the content, but the volume differentials between the guys is bad. One guy yells and the other 2 are normal and I constantly have to adjust my volume so I can hear without blowing my ear drums out when Bert talks
Insightful commentary and orioles predictions.
And if that’s not a good enough reason to listen, they are a great listen if you want Orioles talk, even during the off-season! If you’re lucky, they might even talk about the Ravens! Josh, Matt and Bert are must listen every week, whether you do it here on iTunes or on their Facebook page where you can talk to them in the chat room. Keep up the great work guys!
Section 336 is the greatest Baltimore Orioles podcast around! Look forward to listening every week! Keep up the great work Josh, Matt, and Bert!!!!!
Real BirdLand sports chat by real Balmer fans - real hopeful while assuming heartbreak. "Snowflake of the Week" segment so Real, so funny. Feel like I'm eavesdropping on the fans behind me at the game then use the material to fake my way through a conversation with my hubby & daughter! Best episode was about Top events at OPACY & #2 Walk-up Songs.
Definitely a bunch of Orioles fans who just wanna be able to buy playoff tickets.......also why do you hate Ryan Mallot so much? However the show is witty and funny and I like the brutal honesty when it comes to talking about Baltimore sports. You can call me a friend of the show.
Pretty good. Helps me get my o's fix. At its best when they talk about the goat and when the intern gets to speak.
I listen to Section 336 weekly! I usually listen to it a day late but love the segments (and sometimes arguments) that happen. Its great hearing Orioles talk from the hometown Baltimore perspective. I live in Tigers country and only hear their homerisms. Keep up the great work.
These guys are great! Podcast live on Facebook Monday nights with crowd participation and even have some sports knowledge. Now if only they can get Lou Barrels his magnet...
I rarely listened to my podcasts app on my phone. But ever since a friend of mine introduced me to Section 366, I've been hooked. Hosts Bert, Matt and Josh do a great job of simplifying everything going on in Baltimore sports whether it be Orioles or Ravens and now the Blast. Also, the fact that they have live shows on Facebook every week is pretty neat. Keep up the good work guys. 👍
This is an update from my last review. Section 336 is still one of my favorite podcasts because of one big factor, and that is how they connect with their fans. They do live shows on Facebook every Tuesday night, and on top of that they do live shows from Buffalo Wild Wings all around Maryland, they have t-shirt giveaways, and have "Night at the Yard" meet ups during baseball season. All of those things have created a loyal fan base of 336ers. I look forward to every Tuesday, knowing that the stuttering Matt, button lover Josh, and zany Bert are always going to put on an awesome show! Keep up the great work guys!
Keep up the great work ! Stuck in Ohio surround on the reservation but il always be a bird ! Start Yankee bashing some more please !!! Go O's !!
Being from Montana I don't get to talk much Orioles baseball, these guys help me get my fix. It's easy to "join" this group of friends and they're great at welcoming in new comers. Keep up the good work and I'll be rooting for dem birds from up here in the Rocky Mountains! GO O's!!!!!
Love these guys. They are funny and know their stuff!
So is section 336 Baltimore's best sports talk or the next generation of Baltimore sports talk? How bout both. The addition of video and section 336 now being live streamed over YouTube is just another example of Section 336 pushing the envelope and taking the sports talk game to new heights. This is a must listen for any Orioles or Ravens fan.
Just moved to Erie PA from Baltimore, and section 336 keeps me informed and entertained about the Orioles. And I still have my t shirt. I do miss the pre show, though.
Sroka's snake slipped my slop
I am not from the Baltimore area....I live in New Jersey.....I am a Yankees fan but I love baseball period & I love Buck Showalter. I love this podcast. I love the fact you are so passionate about the Orioles. You keep me up with Orioles news and its the greatest Orioles podcast ever. I love ZANY BERT RODE.....he is the man that make the podcast zanier.The Yankees needs a podcast like Section 336 because you guys know and love the team....bring back Bert Story Time
I've been a subscriber since the begining. The show has always been good, but it has really rounded into semi-pro form in the past year. Excellent work.
Great group of lifelong Baltimore sports fans with a side of humor. I laugh every episode!
I don't really hate the Ravens I'm just an Eagles fan and don't care about the Ravens. And I certainly don't care about your old Ravens jerseys. I think you should however, have a segment about obscure Orioles. Let me give you a jumping off point. Sherman Obando, Jeff Reboulet, Randy Milligan, Tony Tarasco, Aaron Ledesma, David Newhan, Leo Gomez, and Joe Orsulak. Love listening to the show from sunny Florida. Keep up the good work. And go O's!
Being away from Maryland this show is a great way to get my Orioles fix. The dailys are great. I also like the Disney that gets thrown in every now and then by Bert. Keep up the great work.
These guys really grew on me to be my favorite O's podcast. They remind me of The Sports Junkies in their prime. Distinct personalities, everyone bringing something to the table. Interesting debates, great guests, and passion for all things Orioles and Ravens. Heck, you might even find out about that hot new restaurant at Epcot Center or opinions on the new Seven Dwarves ride while you're enjoying all that savory Baltimore sports talk. Buckle up!
Being away from my hometown of Bmore and missing my beloved O's, it's always a good time listening to the boys from Section 336. The quick dailies keep me up to date, and the weekly shows are usually a riot with all the mythology going on. Thanks, guys!
My name is Daniel. Many listeners know who I am. These guys no matter what others might say are Baltimore's Best Sports Podcast. The Zany mustache lover,Bert Rode. Button Lover and fellow Supertones fan, Josh Sroka. and the guy whose every opinion I disagree with, Matt Sroka. And let's not forget the world's best worlds worst intern. These guys are hilarious and I promise you will not disagree with me if you subscribe. These guys have inspired me to start my own podcast to talk about my love for the Orioles (thank goodness for Matt,Josh,Bert, and especially the intern I won't have to steal their jobs anymore). I hope on my podcast that I will make people have as much fun and laughs as you guys did to me. Your Pal, Daniel P.S. When I have my podcast let's not be rivals. :)
I listen from Charlotte, NC but was born and raised in Maryland and have been an O's fan all of my life. Since the Braves and local minor league teams dominate the local sports reports (and we all know how much coverage we get on ESPN), I have turned to podcasts for in depth analysis. This is one of my favorite, very down to earth and overall good to listen to. Keep it up!
The show(s) are so good. The three of you blend humor and insight so well. The daily show is especially nice, I have moved abroad and because of the time difference I only get to watch the day games and the daily recap. So every morning when I wake up I listen to the daily show, and it puts me in such a good mood (even if the O's lose). Keep up the good work. Go O's
Love the new daily shows. Should get more interactive on twitter tho.
I often listen to Section 336 on my morning runs - they make the time pass very quickly and often make me laugh out loud (goodness knows what passerbys must thing!). They have good perspectives on baseball, and mix in with that funny stories, and very charming personal interactions. Have a listen and I suspect you'll agree with me. I never miss an episode.
These guys not only know their Baltimore sports, but they have a great time talking about it! Fun, informative and entertaining!
The Zany Bert is my favorite. I love the Orioles and I am so excited i found these guys. I hope to meet you at a game this summer!
Great!! just awesome!! love to hear it!!
Entertaining and informative!! keep up the good work!!
this is a great podcast for fans of random knowledge!


kept it short, stylish, informative and simple.
wow!! i look forward to having this message in my iphone every week!
This is owesome! Thanks to Itunes for adding this audio podcast
Great!! I always look forward to new podcast episodes
I love to listen. its entertaining and helpful. its also educational.
Great!! wont tell anything about it just requesting you to listen just for once then u will know its value. thanks
I would give 10 stars if i could!! love it!!
There's nothing better in a radio program (or podcast) than feeling like you know the people on the show. The members of Section 336 make you a part of the group and because of that, you have to keep coming back every week. If you are going to come back every week, might as well subscribe then.
It’s not often that sports podcasts manage to feel simultaneously authentic (like you’re hanging out with close friends) and authoritative. This is one of those sports podcasts.
I love listening to their podcast! Very funny and gets me pumped for Orioles games!
These guys bleed orange and purple. Let's me feel closer to my hometown teams


By G Rob
Love listening to the informative O's talk