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After listening to that podcast, this is just fantastic. Listening to JES’s Unleash The Beat (and her amazing voice…..O_O ) is just breathtaking. You get to listen to her music, get to know the info about Unleash The Beat, and so on. Highly recommend you to download Unleash The Beat in iTunes! :D
I have listned to this podcast for the last two years or more and been a long time fan of JES. THis podcast is the perfect mix of her music and all the latest releases and remixes in the EDM world. Whether your working out, studying, working or dancing this podcast is perfect!!!
If you love electronic dance music (progressive house and trance), this podcast is a must! JES is one of the most talented vocalist/DJs I have ever gotten the chance to first hand witness and meet!! What are you waiting for, take a listen and see for yourself! <3 xoxo