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I have listened to this podcast since 2014. Each episode is spoken well and a ton of fun.
I’ve been listening to most of his podcasts and appreciate all he is doing. I love the premise of a positive vibe, hearthstone centered podcast. I just wish he wasn’t shouting out sponsors/goals during episodes as much as he does, comes off as quite a shill in my opinion. Also his analysis of the state of the game isn’t anywhere near a competitive analysis, more of a quick general gist of what’s happening. When you combine these two for a long podcast episode, it can start feeling really gimmicky and shallow. Unless you are a very casual hearthstone player that has a very hard time making your own opinions on the game, there are much better podcasts out there that provide a lot more content without the constant ads. I.E. The angry chicken and Value Town. I totally understand shouting out sponsors, but there have been a few too many shows with not enough hearthstone and too much advertising, which comes off as petty and begging. I know it sounds harsh, but I really do appreciate what he’s doing and I don’t think he’s doing it maliciously. It’s not what I’m looking for anymore and wish him the best.
A podcast is only as good as its podcasters and there is no one as good as Andrew. He is truly invested and wants you to enjoy your Hearthstone experience. In my opinion the three best Hearthstone podcasts in order are 1) The Happy Hearthstone 2) Velen’s Chosen ( Great job by Grant and his team), and 1600 dust (when you only have 30 minutes). Listening to Andrew will teach you a great deal about what makes this game so great, it’s all about your experience. Do yourself a favor and listen to the Happy Hearthstone.
I have been listening to The Happy Hearthstone podcast for the last year or so, and I don't think there is another Hearthstone podcast that is as positive and thoughtful as this one is. Whether you are a casual beginner or someone looking to take their game to the next level, Andrew and his guests speak into where you are at. Andrew and the Happy Hearthstone community are both insightful and inviting. Check it out! Scott - "Snowpack"
Loving the show, keep it up!
I believe I left a review a long time ago, but a second updated review is warranted for this show. Andrew is an awesome host whether he’s doing a solo cast or has a guest. He is very positive but also has helpful constructive criticism for this game we love. He also provides great analysis on cards, decks, general gameplay, and the current meta and keeps us updated on news and events. I am happy today because of this podcast!
This is the first HS podcast I’ve heard with only one host. I’ve only heard one episode so I’m not sure if they have guest hosts sometimes but I found it to be refreshing! It’s a nice pace with only one host! And it’s more about the community around the show and the listeners. Love it! I’ll be listening.
Great podcast with lots of insight whether you are a beginner, legend, or just playing for fun. Andrew comes to every episode with an open mind and makes the game even more exciting to play. Overall this is one of my go-to Hearthstone podcasts of 2018 and I cannot wait to see where it grows in 2019.
An absolutely positive and delightful experience. I love the intro music and self reflection about what you are happy about in and out of Hearthstone. The show puts me in a good place every week!
10/10 Will tell all my Hearthstone friends about it! The podcast is open and welcoming to all people, discusses meta and strategy in an accessible way, and the Card of the Week parodies are so incredibly cheesy. Absolutely love this podcast!
A community focused Hearthstone podcast for beginners and veterans alike. Andrew is a positive guy who’s insightful takes on the game are always a joy listen to. It's also great to hear from the diverse range of guests he gets to talk to on the show.
This show always delivers on what I need to hear each week. Sometimes you dont feel like playing ladder, sometimes you dont feel like playing at all, but any time I listen to The Happy Hearthstone I always leave feeling rejuvinated and ready to be the best at this game that my time allows. Andrew is an amazing host who always has fresh angles on how to make the game more enjoyable and how to be better no matter your skill level.
The kindness of this podcast is what really separates it from the rest. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community I’m always excited to find content not produced exclusively for and by cis white dudebros and stumbling across tHH for its RunHeSaid interview was a welcome surprise and got me hooked. Good stuff.
The show is informative, centered around free to play (just like me), and data driven (but not too heavy on it). I like the suggestions for the decks to try and focus on for the week based on data gathered. Keep it up
Started listening a few weeks ago and already in love!
Everyone on the show knows what they’re talking about and it is a great show for beginners and veterans alike!
Okay so this is going to be a little long. I used to to listen to the podcast like 2 years ago, and Josh ran it then. I really enjoyed and loved it then, and so initially when I realized the host had been changed I was kind of disappointed. Tuesday’s Boomsday episode was the first I listened too and my disappoint quickly faded. I really enjoyed the episode but what I loved most was how genuine y’all were in the what makes you happy section. I’ve been on a two year hiatus from Hearthstone and gaming in general on a service mission and that just reminded me of all the happiness I felt then. On top of that, I just very much enjoy your commentary on the game in general! Keep going and spreading that positivity boys! Also if you ever are in dire need of a guest, hmu!
Andrew is such a positive person and host that he not only inspires you to be a better Hearthstone player, but also a better human being. Seems like a genuinely great guy who also puts out some great content.
I absolutely love this show. Not only great info about the meta, card reveals, and just general Hearthstone news it is all done without salt. Refreshing, and as the show’s title says, a ”happy” place.
I really enjoy Andrew's work. He mixes philosophy and Hearthstone to create a Zen-like podcast, which never fails to put me in a good mood. I love his positive outlook. His joy of living and love of Hearthstone are infectious. Keep up the great work!
It's really easy for me to beat myself about not being as good at this game as I'd like to be. But since the beginning, The Happy Hearthstone has been a place where I can remember why I love this game and get connected with other great people. Always look forward to every episode!
This podcast has unfortunately dramatically dropped in quality over the past few months. With more focus on the host’s real life trials and tribulations and other unrelated subjects to the game, though the show is coming out more frequently, there is ultimately less talk about the game itself. I suggest listening only to the card review shows and giving the rest of the podcast pass.
Not only is it helpful for Hearthstone players, both new and beta-veterans, but it’s also a friendly, cheerful podcast with intellectual conversations on both life and the game. If you’ve been meaning to listen, please do, you won’t regret it.
I love The Happy Hearthstone almost as much as I love Hearthstone (that’s a lot btw)
This is always a great podcast, but there has never been a better time to listen! The imminent Witchwood expansion and rotation has left many in a sort of purgatory. Andrew (The Happy Hearthstone) and Steve (OffCurve) have teamed up to provide an overview of all the goodies we can expect in the new set, highlighting key interactions and potential combos. This will better prepare you to start deckbuilding on day one, while satisfying that Hearthstone itch you’ve been dying to scratch but just can’t!
Appreciate the positivity and the insight. I’ll follow you about anywhere Andrew 👍🏼
A great and long running Hearthstone podcast. The long running usually means its good, strong, and well polished compared to other Hearthstone podcasts. These guys could use your support and they deserve it.
Show has a great tone and you can tell how much the host cares about his listeners and the HS community as a whole.
The happy hearthstone has been a great way for me to learn more about the current game meta. Andrew does a great job of having guests on that bring a different and unique perspective to the game we all enjoy. Plus there is something to be said for the longest running hearthstone podcast in space and time and cards. Three things in life are true: Death, Taxes, and you will enjoy the time you spend listening to The Happy Hearthstone. -Spartacusfett
Andrew does a great job weaving in helpful information with fun conversations with guests. Highly recommended for someone looking for a unique Hearthstone podcast that emphasizes the fun of playing.
I laughed a lot! Learned a lot! Great job guys.
Stopped listening to one of the other HS podcast because they are kind of salty and negative, this one definitely lived up to its name and I really enjoyed the happy and positive feedback from Andrew
Great podcast and love ever minute of it. Can't wait for weekly episodes.
Seriously, can’t believe I missed giving Happy HS a review. Must listen, Josh was an awesome host and Andrew has picked up the torch and ran with it! Great Job, must listen!
If you like a more casual listen but still valuable information about the game of Hearthstone I highly recommend it. Andrew has a great flow to his podcasts and has kept the upbeat tone going, like his predecessor. One thing I miss though and you might still be doing it: the deck challenges. Enjoyed hearing decks go head to head and the story behind the win. Cheers Alex
Finally, a Hearthstone podcast that talks about...Heartstone. Andrew spends most of the his podcast talking about cards, decks, the meta, know, things you want to hear about in a Hearthstone podcast. Well done sir!
While he's not the original host, I could not think of a more perfect person to take the reins of the Happy Hearthstone than Andrew! He does a fantastic job of keeping the spirit of the show intact while bringing his own unique perspective and insights to the show. If you are looking for a Hearthstone podcast that brings the info you want but with an always positive spin, the Happy Hearthstone is the show for you!
I look forward to this podcast each week. It's very informative and helpful!
Love this podcast. Listen every week. Straydog#1963
Aw Yeah Happy Hearthstone!
This is a podcast I start playing as soon as it is in my feed. The host is delightful and I really like many of his guests. My favorite episodes are with card evaluations with guest Scott Lantz. It's taught me a new way to look at cards. Try those first if you are considering this podcast.
This Hearthstone podcast is great. The joyful energy makes it fun to listen to and the individual episodes are helpful. I particularly love the episodes with set reviews. Scott Lantz is a great co-host.
This is only my second ever podcast review but wanted to spend the time to thank the hosts for their dedication on the consistent show filled with good tips and fun conversations. Especially love the card reviews. Usually I agree with the scores but more importantly when I don't agree with the score, I still enjoy hearing your thoughts and conversations around the card. Keep up the great shows!
Love this podcast! Thank you the informative show with very helpful tips!
Super dope. Love the positivity of the show and the laid back Hearthstone chat. Makes me feel like I'm just talking about the game with friends. Highly recommend!!
Josh and his assortment of guest hosts can always be counted on to uplift your spirits and your Hearthstone knowledge level. The atmosphere is casual and enjoyable and one I always look forward to returning to. The card set reviews are great, the deck battles are great, the pot luck episodes are great, it's all great! Keep up the awesome work!