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As with most people on this podcast, I’ve had a profound affinity and fascination with the Ancient Egyptian culture since middle school! I’m 27 years old now and I’ve been blessed to visit Egypt 2 times already! This podcast is everything I needed to expand my knowledge of Ancient Egypt! It covers everything from the pre-dynastic era all the way to fall of the Egyptian empire. It is very detailed, captivating and imbued with wealth of knowledge and material. I’m listening to the entire podcast before I make my 3rd trip to the magical land of Ancient Egypt. Thank you for bringing this to Egyptophiles everywhere. You are simply the best.
Started listening to Dominic's podcast a few months back and have nearly caught up. It's fantastic! The research is all up to date and is a great suppliment to my other Egyptian studies. I've especially enjoyed the digressions into Egypt's literature, poetry, songs and festivals that breakup the chronological historical narrative.
After starting The Ancient World podcast again, I thought it would be great to dive deeper into Egypt. I’ve only listened to three episodes, but they have all been engaging. I expect good things in the future. I’m writing this in 2019 having just listened to the start in 2013 and Dominic is still producing episodes!
Absolutely fantastic! I really knew nothing about Egypt before this podcast. The good and the bad of human civilization is worth knowing and understanding. Loved the part on the 5th dynasty gay couple. I hope current Egyptians take note. Also thank you for mentioning Marx without insulting him like so many cowards who've never read more than snippets of his work.
I love Egyptian history and always wanted to become an archeologist and dig in the desert. The second best thing next to pictures in National Geographic history is this podcast. I have just started it and am totally addicted to it! Well done and thank you for making my sun-filled day!
The fact that it’s narrated by a Kiwi makes it even better than it already would have been. Fantastic podcast!
Nothing better than listening to an expert present information he knows and loves in great detail with well designed storylines
Excellently and carefully researched with an engaging delivery style that is easy to follow along with. Thanks!
I listen to many podcasts- this one is excellent in all respects. Thank you! Myles
Absolutely love the podcast. Thank you!
I am so impressed with all the work that goes into this podcast. Thank you Dominic.
It is difficult to express how grateful I am for this amazing podcast. I am an author of romance novels set in ancient Egypt (among other places) and each episode of this podcast brings new revelations that help me immeasurably in my research. Thank you so much for for your fascinating discussions, and for all the new information you share! You are just wonderful!
I have been fascinated by ancient Egypt since I was a kid and found a book in my parents library about it - I still remember the awe at touching the sample of modern papyrus displayed in the book. This podcast brings back that same excitement I felt as a kid - only the history provided fills in the vast gaps that “pop-Egyptology” programs leave out (and which I love nonetheless). I only regret I have only just recently stumbled across it. I would have been listening from its inception had I known earlier! It is brilliant! Thank you for producing it!
Wow! I subscribed while looking for good podcasts on different ancient histories, and this was on a list. I started on episode 102ish or so, and i realize that this podcast is literally starting from the beginning, and actually telling Ancient Egypt’s story. So I download the 1st podcast, and I can already tell I am in for a great, historical ride. Looking forward to episode 2 and the rest!
This is a really delight- I’m so happy to have discovered it!
Dominic has put together an excellent, excellent history podcast. He makes it easy to keep the narrative chronology straight, while having a real knack for peppering in full color stories outside of the “Pharaoh did this... Pharaoh did that” history that makes up the bulk of all ancient histories. The richness of the material and his obvious passion for teaching it are features of every single episode. I cannot recommend this enough.
This cast is entertaining and educational. If you want to learn something about Egypt, this is the site for you. The music is enticing, the host is so well informed and has participated in digs. There is both history of Pharos and the Gods of Egypt. Well worth checking out. Hope you love it as much as I do.
This is THE podcast for Ancient Egypt. Dominic Perry has tons of knowledge to share and presents this in a way that takes you back in time and tells you the story as only he can. He visits Egypt often and just doesn't have book knowledge, he knows the lay of the land. I asked and received traveling advice for my trip to Egypt in Feb 2019 from Dominck. It was so very kind of him to take the time to do that. Do yourself a favor and have a listen.
Dominic is a great teacher who knows the power of a well-delivered narrative resplendent with visual images. His mini-episodes help us understand the broader Egyptian culture as well. Dominic’s humorous asides also make this fun as well as enlightening!
This was not horrible but I thought this was mythology not history so unsubbed
Detailed and wide-ranging. Many aspects of historical egyptian culture are covered. Highly listenable. One of the best topic specific history podcasts around
This is my favorite podcast. I've been binge listening for about a month and am up to episode 100. I stand in awe of Dominic Perry's knowledge, research, and presentation skills. If you're taking requests, I would love to hear more about Set/Seth, Serqet, the Bennu Phoenix, and the purpose and meaning of the was sceptre. Thanks again for your amazing podcast! Dominic Perry, may your name live!
I’ve always been into ancient Egypt since I was a little kid. This podcast has the perfect mix of Egyptian mythology and history, which I greatly appreciate and enjoy! There is nothing I would change about this, and am currently driving my friends crazy with Egyptian facts. This is the real ancient Egyptian tea, folks!
This podcast sets a standard of academic excellence that far excels any similar podcasts or college courses. Well worth the investment of time and treasure.
We're traveling to Egypt this year for the first time and these podcasts have been excellent in systematically describing the thousands of years of history. Even if we can't finish the whole series before our travels, we are miles ahead already with our understanding of the culture.
For a while now, I tried to find a way to learn more about ancient Egypt. I searched through books, movies and documentaries, but none of them were as comprehensive as I would have liked them to be. Enter: the History of Egypt Podcast. It's exactly what I was looking for! It's educational, fun and just very well done overall. Thank you, Dominic!
Dominic Perry knows his stuff and he knows how to communicate it in a manner that is engaging and informative. I look forward to listening whenever I have time. I've been a lifelong enthusiast/hobbyist of ancient Egypt but it turns out my knowledge was rather meager. Dominic has fixed that.
Because that dude was weird and my favorite aspect of the podcast is the depth of discussion provided.
I’m a busy gal currently going through college and I’ve always had a love for ancient Egyptian history and this podcast was the perfect way to feed my addiction! I love listening to it as I work and go through my everyday schedule and I am NEVER bored! Totally recommend it! It goes into great depth about not just the pharaohs, by also the normal people and the economics and everything that goes into shaping history. Love this podcast.
I've seen the long decline of documentaries on television over the past couple of decades. There was a time when Ancient Egypt would have been treated with respect but now it is sensationalized terribly with special effects, questionable theories and drama as a hook to get viewers. This podcast is a refreshing change of pace and deserves to be listened from the first episode forward. It is presented with no patronizing to the listener. The listener is treated with respect and Mr. Perry paints a vivid picture of each subject when presented. He has an obvious passion for Ancient Egypt and it translates well. I applaud Mr. Perry and eagerly look forward to each episode. I'd binge-listen but I need to slow down and digest each episode before moving to the next. Give this a listen if you like Ancient Egypt. You'll be glad you did.


Prof Perry just outdid himself on episode 99! Take a walk on the wild side; HISTORY BUFFS TAKE NOTE! Terrific dialogue and script, lovingly delivered! Thank you!
Well-written and well-delivered. It’s cool to get egyptian history from someone who has actually been to Egypt and participated in research there.
This podcast never fails to transport me to Egypt in the time of the pharaohs. A few episodes are so vivid it is almost like a hallucination.
Dominic is one of the best podcast producers out there. Not only does he do impeccable research, but he delivers his tales in a relaxed, cordial way that puts the listener at ease and eagerly anticipating the next episode. He knows Egypt, and he leaves you wanting to sail the Nile with him.
I found the podcast when it had 95 episodes. I binge listened to them all in a month or so. I learn so much every time. The mini episodes add so much to the over all story. Great podcast
After a long day I can just go into my room turn the lights off and relax while learning more about ancient Egypt :)
Dominic has bewitched me. And I love him for it. Listen to this podcast and you too can spend an entire evening watching Ra stare down Osiris then confront his own corpse during his nightly visit to the netherworld. It's beautiful.
Egyptology is one of my favorite subjects. I went to art school, art history was sometimes too fast-paced, and cramming of the information. This podcast is wonderful, for those who love all things Egyptian, and history. The touches of authentic music in the background really help you drift away with the stories being told. Thanks for all your hard work, and time spent! I can’t get enough, and even listen while doing basic errands around town. My goddaughter, 6, isn’t too happy with it. It’s not Katy Perry, but, she’ll get over it ;D
Very informative and interesting. The theme music is also bomb.
Very good podcast. It was a little hard to get into at the beginning but as it has gone on I find it engrossing. If you are just starting out, listen to a few episodes before you decide if you will keep going. Definitely worth it!
I’ve always been interested in ancient Egypt 🇪🇬 and this podcast hits the spot! If you have any interest in Egypt & it’s history than you need to listen to this podcast!
Thoroughly researched and enjoyably presented, this is the ultimate pod for anyone interested in Egyptian history. A great series!


Dominic does a fantastic job of breaking down and explaining the very complex history of Egypt. It’s a fascinating mixture of religion and culture that without his keen knowledge would be overwhelming to handle.
I absolutely love this podcast, Dominic Perry is passionate about the material shared and is quite obvious in the production and manner the subject is conveyed. Superior cast material and host, love it all, enjoy!
Dominic brings this grand history to life. I feel I get a peek behind the curtain and get a sense of what life along the Nile was like. A MUST for any lover of history.
Dominic's History of Egypt is a delightful, very well-researched, deep-dive into Ancient Egyption history. It is fun to listen to while maintaining a high level of intellectual and academic standards. Discussions of sources, current theories, and archaeological processes show serious rigor in the field and avoid straying into the modern metaphysical malarkey that often plagues amateur Egyptology. Although occasionally speculation and somewhat fringe theories are taken a bit far or given too much weight in the overall interpretation of an individual's life. Highly detailed accounts of the lives of pharoahs - sometimes stretching to 4 episodes for one King or Queen when sources permit - are insterspersed with sprinklings of dramatised readings of primary source material, mini-episodes on religious festivals and the like. Well-organized and cohesive, it's great for seasoned fans of Ancient Egypt and newcomers alike.
First 3-4 episodes are a bit dull, but the rest of the podcast is fantastic--highly recommend
Lots of detail, good pace and analysis. Shows you the hidden side of the pyramids
This is an articulate and entertaining series. Highly recommended!