Reviews For The Evangelists' Podcast - Encouraging Apologetics and Evangelism to Speak Life to a Needy World

I love the banter, I love looking at both sides of things happening in the news, I love the thorny questions. Not to overstate things, but listening has made me approach issues in life with more compassion.
Andy and Glen do a great job in this podcast equipping and encouraging believers to share the gospel. I have been greatly helped and blessed!
I'm reminded of Tim Keller when I hear Glen speak...a high energy, Australian-accented, evangelism-oriented Tim Keller, in the best possible way (or perhaps Tim Keller is a slow-paced, American-accented, Glen Scrivener?). Essentially these are sermons on how the gospel applies to life, which perhaps is what evangelism really is: preaching to unbelievers. I am certainly encouraged by their messages, as well as challenged and equipped, and only regret that I'm unable to attend lectures and be guided through a practicum in person.
My senior pastor recommended The Evangelists' Podcast. I have heard about 10 episodes so far and have been encouraged and better equipped. I already used one thing I heard in a conversation with a person who ended up professing faith in Christ! I thank the Lord for TEP!
I've long enjoyed this podcast, but am writing to highly recommend the series Glen and Andy are doing on how to talk to people of other faiths. EXCELLENT!!!
I stumbled across this looking for something else and it caught my eye so I downloaded a few and I absolutely love it. Great practical conversation about sharing our faith. Keep it up guys!!!
Your Christ-centered approach and how He shapes everything and how the trinity shapes the gospel (what I get is Jesus) has been eye-opening for me. i am indebted to you! Thank you!