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What a man of God.... You cannot go wrong with these pod casts.
I found Richard Ellis On the radio. My work schedule changed and I cold no longer listen. I was so excited when I found this podcast. I love his Love for Jesus and his love for our salvation. His tells me what I need to hear. All of what I need to hear. Straight from the Bible. No sugar coasting. Just love.
So refreshing to hear the passion and the love for Jesus Christ! I agree this is a sensitive subject yet you brought it to the truth. The truth that the Lords Temple is now inside of everyone of us and we are his temple and we have to be in example of that temple and the love Jesus Christ has for us. Thank you for not being afraid to speak truth.
Absolutely the best podcast to start off your day. Good sound scripture and cuts straight to the point! No beating around the bush. This man loves Jesus! Love this man!
I’ve been struggling in my walk, as all Christians do. Having gone through the “empty nest” at home, a second divorce, persecution at work, and a big bag of self-doubt, I scrolled through the preachers on my OnePlace app and found Richard. God knew what I needed! Every message has had something that hits my soul!! And I praise Him for it!! Prior to listening to Richard, The Lord had placed others in my life to speak truth! I marvel at God’s infinite wisdom, grace and love! Thank you Richard for allowing God to use you, His chosen vessel!
This guy is awesome,only thing that is wrong with him is he's a cowboy fan!
This is a remarkable, life changing podcast. You won't be disappointed!


Richard is great! The messages are real and always Biblical!!
It Spurs me to fight the Good fight and finish strong. I pray for you and your family and specially for your ministry Thank you very much!
Breaks Scripture down to Practical Doable Spiritual Living.