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He seems like a nice enough person, strangely too nice, almost creepy. He works really hard at being informative. He laughs or chuckles at EVERYTHING he says, EVERYTHING!!!!! I just can’t continue to listen
As a regular listener and a semi regular contributor to the show I can say that the production level Toddmccann puts into each & every episode of trucker dump is second to none I’m not just saying this. Because he is a personal friend of mine I really look forward to listening to a new episode every month, or as often as he releases one
The host is really funny and the content is well thought out. From trucking trends to where to eat, this guy covers it all.
This podcast is awesome! I have spent so much time on the road listening to Todd. Not only has he been very entertaining, but Todd is also incredibly informative about the trucking industry. Check out this podcast! It is well worth it.
Stumbled upon this after listening to Todd's interview on Systematic. Todd's honest, funny, and interesting. I'm catching up on his back catalog and will keep up with the new episodes. I really enjoy his style. I grabbed his book too just be supportive. Keep on Truckin' Todd. Well not literally because I know you want to stop, but keep being yourself. It works for you.
Todd McCann is entertaining, and provides the right humor to keep anyone interested. His experiences have provided me tips and tricks, how to handle certain situations, and helpful reviews on apps, products, and more. I listen to this podcast religiously and wish that he would release more in a shorter frame of time. But the wait is worth it. Now if he would have the Evil Overlord do some podcasts of her own to increase the competition.
I'm not a truck driver, but it's really interesting getting a glimpse of what's involved. Todd has been great with explaining terms I didn't understand, and he genuinely sounds like a good dude. However, the spitting Christian episode almost lost me. I'm not religious, and found the episode itself off putting. Trucking with Todd - hell yeah I wanna hear. Trucking and being fed bible verses with Todd - no thanks. Luckily the show is less of the latter, it's interesting, and you can tell tons of care and thought goes into it. Definitely worth 5 stars, and every other podcast is on hold while I work my way through this one. Thanks for what you do Todd.
Todd delivers the ups and downs of trucking in a informative and humorous way. I downloaded them all and listened to them in less that a week. Great listen for drivers new and old as well as non drivers.
Great podcast, informative with a lot of humor. Todd does a great job! Always looking forward to the next show!
Hello My Name Is Kevin, I'm A OTR West Coast Driver. I Have Been Listening To PodCast For About A Year Now. I Never Thought To Look Up A Trucking PodCast! Out Of The Bule While I Was Waiting Around To Get Unloaded I Did A Search, And Would't You Know The Truck Dump PodCast Came Up. So I Downloaded TD0 And I Was Hooked. I An Truly Impressed With The Amazing Audio Quality Especially Because It's Recored In The Slepper Berth. This Podcast Is A In Depth Look Into A Truck Drivers Life, Todd Is Truthful About The Reality Of Everyday Trucking Life. If Your Not A Truck Driver Thats Ok To You Will Learn Alot About Trucking Just Listening In, I Woud Like To Personally Thank @ToddMcCann For Putting So Much Hard Work, An Time And Lets Not Forget The Cost It's Free Us To Download But It Cost Todd $$$. So With That Being Said Go Over To AboutTruckDriving.Com And Take Advantage The Free Content, You Can Download A Free PDF Guide How To Slide Your Tandems And Aslo How To Slide You Fifth Wheel And Much More. Thanks Again Todd McCann For All That You Do It Is Greatly Appreciated.
As A Truck Driver And A Author I Can Tell You That This PodCast Is Awsome! Keep Up The Good Work @ToddMcCann Thanks For Your Hard Work. I Sure Enjoy Trucker Dump And AboutTruckDriving.Com KennethSummerlin.Com


By Zdu
Great podcast keep up the great work.
I love Todd's delivery & funny sayings. I've gotten to know Todd a little over the last couple years I've been listening. Great podcast. Give it a shot, you'll be glad you did.
Finally another entertaining podcast about trucking! I can only listen to DOT Regulations for about 5 minutes before pulling my hair out, but the Trucker Dump covers a wide variety of entertaining topics and stories. Check it out!!
Informative & humorous
I've just heard a few episodes, and I haven't been driving a long time but I like Todd, his humor, and the great info. The show is good quality audio for being done in a truck.
Great show, just wish we had more shows every month. Keep up the great work.
As a fellow trucker, I find his take, right on target and humorous. Just wish he would podcast more often. Keep up the Great work, truck safe.
I recently came across your podcast and am really enjoying it. Really looking forward to working my way through all of the back episodes. Thanks!
Disclaimer: I've met Mr. McCann, and he's a very nice fella. I'm glad to count him as a friend. This podcast is very well produced, informative and quite entertaining! I've endured the first 90 episodes, every second of every one. And I will continue to keep coming back for more. Thank you Todd for doing what you do here. (P.S. You don't know what you're doing.) 😉
Good podcast I would recommend it to all truckers.