Reviews For Adam Hunter's World

Adam goes a mile a minute. But, I LOVE IT!! I look forward to each episode of this and his other podcast, MMA Roasted. The only drawback, and why i changed my review to only 4 stars is because of this...Adam hunter is a top-notch comedian. He may not be as well known as some but he works so hard and is hilarious. His podcasts could EASILY be in the top ten of itunes. BUT it really seems like the podcast is not really much of a priority to him. He seems to only do it when nothing else is going on. I understand he is very busy and works like a motherfuc*er, butI dont think he understands what having a top podcast could do for him. If someone like bill burr and others can get a podcast out just once a week, so can Adam. The podcast is excellent but there is rarely ever new episodes.
Adam Hunter is a RocK Star!!! This is some funny stuff. I love listening to his podcast while working...helps make the time fly by and gives you a good laugh at the same time. I highly recommend this podcast!!