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Reviews For The Content Champion Podcast

The Content Champion podcast is one of my favoruites in all of iTunes for one simple reason- Loz's guests reveal some really good content marketing methods, and all advice is actionable. I first paid attention to Loz when I saw that he had interviewed Brian Dean way back in September 2013 when Backlinko was just getting traction. He does a great job of keeping track of and land interviews with some of the best content marketers out there. Must -listen if you're into content marketing!
Loz, Well done on your first two ACE podcasts. I cannot wait to follow along! I love how thorough your podcast was on why you chose the yoga niche. That market research was very cool to see. Keep it up, you've got a new subscriber! -Keith
This podcast provides incredible value. Highly recommended.
The kind of podcast I've needed... I'm a solo content creator, without a large marketing budget. Content marketing is the frontlines for me, and I'm always looking for new ways to get my content out there, shared, and engaged with. I'm really happy to have discovered this podcast. Loz does a good job as a host to personalize each interview based on the guest's expertise and dig into the topic for insights. Looking forward to future episodes!
This podcast is packed with great material. I felt like a kid in a candy store and wasn't sure where to start first!
Everything on this podcast from the music to Loz’ interview style is first rate. Loz has very interesting guests that live up to the name of this podcast.
If you are in the content marketing space then this is the podcast for you. Great content, and very inspirational! Keep putting it out.
He does a great job in the podcast and the "content" is the "champion" on this podcast.