Reviews For The SnakesCast

Good, nuanced discussions divided into three short segments, each focused on a different aspect of a larger theme within gaming. Not talking about what games are out or should be played, not talking about the latest cons and released, not doing reviews, but digging deeper but casually deeper into the reasons we play, the way we play, and what we can do to improve our gaming experience. All maybe I would like a bit more is clearer reference to games they mention as being good or bad within the theme they are talking about in case I’d like to look it up, or a list maybe in the episode notes, but that’s just a small nitpick and generally the conversations are intelligent and thoughtful. And not very long, which is great!
I've only just started listening to your show, so maybe this is addressed in later episodes, but that BG sounds of the cafe is very distracting, and even a short one was difficult to listen to. It's just too aurally busy. Great show otherwise!