Reviews For The Full Charge Power Hour featuring Matt Fulchiron

The Billy Ocean Vs Lionel Richie podcast was amazing!! I think episode 144 inspired me to get to work on the book I've been meaning to write for the last 20 years!! Bought the CD and the ringtone to show my support!
Great show. Super funny give it a listen!
Matt Fulchiron's podcast is funny as hell!
A great mix a different personalities. 5 milkshakes with malt.


By Mohrfan
Love this podcast
With amazing recurring guests and hilarious content week in and week out Matt, Wendell and Craig bring a great podcast every time. do yourself a favor and get some full charge in your life
The Full Charge might be one of the funniest people I've ever heard in my life. Wendell is truly a one of a kind gem. Craig Coleman is hilarious and has an incredibly interesting job that I love hearing about. These three and numerous guests all pile-on for a wild ride between show-biz and the real world. I just want more.
Still a fun podcast after years of listening. Your boy FullCharge always brings heat, Coleman fires kill shots from the weeds and EADub is one word: consistent Subscribe!
This dude's got it. That thing that makes ya want to hear him go off on stuff. His most recent solo episode #254 gave a tiny taste of the tangential brilliance that is here to be enjoyed. Let's hope he doesn't talk himself outta this thing because his self-appraisal couldn't be more wrong! We DO want to hear you talk. We want more tangents, more solo episodes. Don't makes us pry it outta ya brother. C'mon Full Charge: keep at it! Great comic, great perspective.
Just started listening. Can’t stop 60 episodes in 3 days
Look forward to it every week. Like my friends but funnier. Sooo, noting like my friends. Can't beat the movie reviews. Keep on ice cream truckin. Do people actually read these reviews?
Number one Podcast in the World.
So funny. And so underrated.
Better than the Crabfeast (it was 10x better with the Full Charge, and I believe he was the one to coin their catchphrase inadvertingly!), better than Carolla, better than Pete Holmes, better than eveyone! I could wite pages about this, and perhaps one day I will. Let's just say teeshirtgate got me through some tough times... shout out to Craig Coleman, Wendel, Radio Rando, Darren Carter, Kevin Shea and everyone else in the Full Charge universe. Nothing but love, I could listen to you talking about anything. Last Exit In Brooklyn gets a bad rap, some real slept on stuff in there... but only the episodes with the Full Charge of course. Keep doing what you're doing. You're so money and you don't even know it!
Please come to Denver sometime
I also bailed on Breaking bad midway through the last season. It was either quit bb or start taking prescription drugs to get over how much that show was bumming me out. Love to your Baby's Daddy aka The Concierge aka the Full Charge, Mugs with out Handles, and renouned Conspiracy Theorist Craig Coleman. - Peace out Fam
This podcast will bring light into your dreary work-a-day life. My wife doesn't get it, so i wait to crank it up until I'm walking the dog or heading to work. Fullcharge is a genius and you should model your opinions and life around what he says. #ninetofivers
Everyone should listen to the Full Charge Power Hour. Matt and Craig will keep you laughing and EADubs will make you feel better about your life and decisions. And that's not all...they will even hit you off with great music episodes like Mugs Without Handles and Yacht Rock!
Highly under rated podcast with many funnies. Full Charge! rawr rawr rawr!
These are the kind of guys my wife prefers that I don't hang out with anymore. That's only one of the reasons I like this show.
Dude you could make some money off this. Nick Mullen just got a podcast on patreon a couple months ago and he's getting almost 8000 a month. No sponsors dude
My life is better with The Full Charge Power Hour!!! Funniest podcast around.
Most of us will put on some music at work, at the gym, while cleaning the house, etc. I love my music as much as anyone but when you'd rather put on the FCPH, yo nuff' said! Subsribe, put in the buds, go wash the dog & enjoy!
The dudes just funny. I found out about him when I saw him at the La Jolla Comedy Store. I laughed a contact our of my eye, I was laughing so hard. Immediately, became a fan. Keeps things rolling in the podcast. Pepper in the rest of the crew with Craig and EA dub.
Five Ice Cream Trucks for the Full Charge Power Hour. Best theme song of any podcast ever (when they don't talk over it). Great show that makes my lunch hour a little better once or twice a week.
More Craig! More Craig!
Not really better than Star Wars but still one of the best podcasts out there! 5 Ice Cream Trucks!
We love this podcast. One of the best and most honest people you will hear speark. They get it. #FreeWendell #tshirtgate
I gotta have this podcast at work! I've almost made it through all of them and haven't not liked one.
One of the cooler aspects of the whole podcast movement is being introduced to new talent via one of the many networks of comedians. I came across Matt because he did a guest spot on Pat Dixon's show NYC Crime Report, which was also new to me at the time. Now I am hooked to both. Much like Joe Rogan introduced me to Joey Diaz, Ari Shaffir and Duncan Trussell, and Bill Burr introduced me to Paul Versey, I have followed the breadcrumbs to The Full Charge Power Hour.
Funny Stuff every episode! You should listen if you not, if you are then you know.
Can't get through the work day without it. 5 ice cream trucks!!
I was looking for a new show from Allthingscomedy and decided to give this one a shot. I heard episodes 144 and 151 and that's all it took to get hooked to the vibe of this show. It's fun AF listening to Matt Fulchiron and co. shoot the ish.
Keep it up, Matt!
This is the podcast I really look forward to every week. Matt and Craig always have funny and insightful stories and E A Dub is the top of the cake!
I never miss a Monday of the Full Charge Power Hour. Top of the Cake is a fantastic segment. E A Dubs is great.
I am a female and this show is hands down, one of my favorite podcast. Craig Coleman is hilarious. I had never heard of him prior to listening but am now a huge fan. Matt Fulchiron is one of the most entertaining and funny podcast host/comedians out there. The insight into the twisted male psyche I've gained from listening to this show has been invaluable (I'm using it to my advantage) 😊 Keep up the great work guys and thank you for giving me a place to drown out my mind numbing work day.
Great show Matt , Craig , and Eric are hilarious , movie reviews are spot on! And the comedic banter is of the chain yo , this show IS the top of the cake ;)
It's the top of the cake.
See title.
Great show. 5 stars!
I laughed till i stopped, THEE best podcast out there, yellow n blue make green... So fresh, full charge is headin straight for your honey-hole and killin it!!!
The full charge power hour is great. It's an hour long pod cast staring Eric Alan Wendell, a Stephen Colbert type character whose antics include thoughtful and concise movie reviews, Wendell also provides commentary to stories told by his very entertaining supporting cast Matt Fulchiron and Craigy 'C' Coleman. Make sure you give the full charge power hour a five ice cream truck review. You'll definitely lick this podcast.
Matt, Craig, and Wendal are friends in Hollywood putting out a podcast in which they honestely and with great humor talk about their lives struggles. These guys are not well known, but they are really funny and really easy to relate to.
love it