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I love everything I hear on this podcast! Such diverse people come on the show and the ideas are challenging and encouraging. However there’s one thing that needs fixing that I only notice in the car: audio leveling. David, your voice is much louder than your guests. So when I have it cranked to hear them and you respond, it is way louder. When you speak softly, it’s the same, but when you get closer to the mic or really get into it, you are super loud and it really blows up. Maybe some limiting/heavy compression needed? Not sure. But that’s my only complaint.
This podcast is literally so perfect for worship leaders! It’s so well-balanced and the variety of guest David features on it is just amazing. From contemporary worship leaders like Kim Walker-Smith to CCM artists like Jen Ledger of Skillet, this podcast provides practical tips as well as deep insight into songwriting, what it truly means to lead worship, and how to lead from the secret place of prayer and communion with God knowing that it’s not about the songs, it’s not about the singers or musicians, but it’s all about Jesus first and foremost.
Have you ever met someone that's always in the right place at the right time? That's David Santistevan. He's connected with everyone who has something to say in regards to music in the church. David is using his gift that God gave him to connect you to hear from people who love God first, people next, and music third. I started from episode one and have been changed by these podcasts. Thank you for getting in touch with these people, asking the questions that we're all asking, and sharing it all with us.
I listen to Beyond Sunday on a weekly basis, and I extremely enjoy it. It’s great to hear tips and advice from other worship leaders around the world.
I absolutely love this podcast! David doesn't amazing job and has a gift in interviewing people. He has a great understanding of contributing and letting the artist share and he always comes ready with great questions. I totally recommend it for mostly for worship leaders/pastors, songwriters, and anybody involved in worship ministry at their local church. Even If your not involved with any of those things and you just love worship and worship music and want to get to know the heart behind worship leaders/artist you like then this is great for you too.
I love listening in and hearing the heart of worship leaders, and David draws out each artist's heart and passion every episode. He thoughtfully crafts his questions and probe's his guests in ways that you won't hear on any other worship podcast. Thank you for using your gifts to help shape and inform those of us a part of leading others in a musical journey to His heart.
I've loved how many artists are interviews here that I would not have otherwise been introduced to. Thanks, David! Keep up the good work!
You know you are in good company as soon as you start listening to the podcast. Some of the most inspiring ideas, thoughts, and challenging ideas have reaffirmed themselves in me. Thank you for what you do to benifit all of us plowing the ground. Aim for excelence with presence, people passion and Jesus at the center.
There is so much wisdom and gold in these podcasts. The Lord always shows me something new that I can apply and that brings me nearer to Him. A huge resource for worship leaders.
Been listening to this podcast for a few weeks now and have been incredibly inspired to lead my team better. I've also been inspired to start turning my prayers into songs.
I can’t think of a better podcast to listen to if you lead worship in the local church. David has done such a great job interviewing some of the biggest names in the worship scheme, but at the same time teasing out information thats useful for worship leaders and worship team members at any size of church. Thanks for this tremendous resource!
These podcasts are such a valuable tool to equip the local worship leader. David does an incredible job having interviews with today's top worship leaders and allowing them to share wisdom and knowledge. His questions are the right questions we want & need answered. I look forward to these podcasts and have grown so much. Thank you!
David Santisteven does a great job hosting worship leaders and pastors, musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and technicians share their insight into their craft, give nuggets of wisdom on leading and open up about their heart for the Lord. Absolutely worth listening to again and again!
Loved the podcast with Audrey Assad and Matt Maher! Convicting and insightful for someone who is a musician and worship leader.


By don09
Thanks for all the hard work you've done over the years and continue to do through your site and podcast! My only request is more diversity as it relates to the vast and ever expanding canvas of worship leaders and styles of worship music. Blessings!
This is truly my favorite podcast. I listen to numerous other top podcasts, but this one outdoes them all in my book. David does such a great job at engaging insightful discussions with some of the most influential and recognized leaders in the Worship music arena. His heart is for God, so that shows up in each conversation as he inspires each listener to higher excellence and heartfelt worship as they lead local churches every week.
Great interview with Mack. It's always encouraging to hear how God is working in and using different ministries around the country. Nice job David! I appreciate your heart for worship!
This podcast is extremely insightful. I don't think I've heard a bad episode in terms of content. I would value it even more if the episodes were mixed well before releasing, however. I'm constantly having to turn up and down the dial in order to equalize the sound as I listen. It's almost a deal-breaker. Better production value would take this podcast from good to great!
David really cares about the questions he is asking. You can tell that he really takes time to think about the questions he wants to ask those being interviewed. They are exactly the questions I want to ask myself. He does it in a grace filled way, open to going on tangents, and at the same time always manages to get the best out of his guests. We love the people he interviews and he makes them want to come back again. That is a great service to us.


By JervCam
Absolutely fantastic - keep a pen and paper close by!
The podcast is a weekly appointment for me for about 2 years now, and is a great source of teaching and inspiration. As a worship director of a small church, I love having a place to find wisdom, perspective, and encouragement for the journey. Thanks David!
I just discovered David's podcast and I think it was fantastic. As a worship leader I am loving getting to go back through the last few years worth of his conversations with amazing people and I am learning so much. Thank you David for being such a blessing to us worship leaders.
Great podcast -- interesting interviews, great insights and practical info to all things worship leading.
David has great conversations with some of the most influential people in the contemporary Christian worship scene today. We get to hear their stories but also David helps apply those principles and stories to the local church. My only pet peeve is that David has the tendency to say "man" a lot when talking with his guests. He says it so much that it can become distracting and unintentionally exclude female listeners. Very small criticism, otherwise, thanks for making this happen and for your contribution to the conversation on worship going on in the church today!
Very inspirational.
There is an awful lot of good, Spirit-filled thinking exhibited on this podcast; sometimes from David, sometimes from guests. These varying points of view about our field challenge me and bless me. I'm a fan.
There are a lot of worship-related podcasts out there -and they all have their own merits, but this is my favorite - why? Because David has a way of interviewing people that set them at ease, helps them open up, and he asks a lot of questions that are not only the typical type of questions, but get to the heart of what worship minstry is about - gets below the surface and every week I'm pumped up to keep plugging ahead and serving in my music ministry at church. I share lots of them with my team mates and we all benefit from it!
This is an invaluable resource-- with practical, encouraging, uplifting and often challenging (in a good way) material, the listener is empowered to become a better worship leader. David is all about equipping worship leaders to attain excellence in their walk with God and service to His people. I have greatly enjoyed hearing insights from worship leaders around the globe, and it has personally enabled me to relate to my team with greater efficacy, clarity and an open heart. I highly recommend this channel and am thankful for your work, David!
As a worship leader, I've been looking for useful resources to help challenge my skill set and theology and help me grow to serve my congregation better. This podcast is very listenable, but is focused on being a platform to interview Christian Celebrities. It seems you have to be an author, a signed recording artist, or on staff of a large and/or famous ministry to have a voice here. A well-known personality is listed in nearly every episode. The landscape of worship leaders is dominated, big time, by volunteer and part-time musicians working at churches with a few hundred (or less) folks in the congregation. Less interviews with famous-types and more conversations with seasoned, fruitful local worship leaders about meaningful topics rather than the latest book, CD, or multi-media approaches is needed. Let's discuss our theological approach to the multi-dimensional nature of leading worship. Let's discuss how to lead a team and work with volunteers. How to nurture and serve a pastor's vision. How to serve a multi-generational congregation with a variety of tastes and needs. I'm way more interested in hearing from a seasoned leader with longevity serving a local, mainline, average-sized church than just about any famous or semi-famous person featured in this podcast.
Wow, thank you David for this podcast. I'm always encouraged when I hear other worship leaders being interviewed sharing their lives and what the have and are learning along the way.
Awesome podcast. Highly recommended for those needing instruction, teaching, encouragement, or just a boost to your walk as a worship leader with God.
Love the wisdom and knowledge dropped in these podcasts. David always has great guests that have great insight into praise and worship. Thank you for this awesome ministry David. I always love listening!
I have listened to a lot of worship podcasts, all very good. But what sets this apart is the host. David Santistevan provides well thought out questions and has a worship leaders heart. Best one I have found yet. Well know worshiper leaders seem to flow with the interviewing and great questions and dialogue. Great job !
Where was a resource like this when I started leading worship 20 years ago?! As a worshipper, leader, and writer, I find the content of David's podcast consistently relevant, encouraging, and challenging. I have enjoyed hearing the growth in the podcast, becoming less "interview" and more "conversation," and appreciate how thoughtful David is regarding the balance between practical considerations of creative arts ministry and the spiritual condition of the heart.
Just found the podcast listening to the Lauren Daigle interview because of a devotional podcast I did using her song, "First". Then on to Christy Nockels and realized I was at Passion '97 and they were there, too! Crazy! Anyway, love the stories getting to know the artists. Thanks for bringing the stories to us!
Love the blog David! Great content and great people.
Wanted to say this podcast keeps getting better. The interviews are getting richer with content. I feel like this podcast is finally hitting its stride. This is a MUST LISTEN for worship leaders.
Thank you so much David! This is such a valuable resources to equip worship leaders! I have utilized so many aspects of wisdom and ideas from your interviews with leaders I look up to! I know you have made worship here in Sioux Falls First better! Be encouraged that God is all over this and I high five my phone every time I see a new episode! Wooo! Bless you and thanks!
Very thoughtful and practical podcast - David interviews a wide variety of leaders in church worship and picks their brain for tips and techniques but also seeks to set a foundation by giving prominent attention to the spiritual issues, not just music. He also usually draws them into discussing their personal journey to their current place of service, which will be of great benefit to the listener who is starting out. Well done and thanks!
Tremendous weekly resource for worship leaders. This is such a great thing. David shares his expertise and also speaks to the very top people in worship music today. I love this podcast!
This is one of the BEST resources out there for Worship Leaders. So much wisdom pours out from these conversations. Thank you David for allowing God to work through you in this way. I need this!
This site is an amazing example of how the church can operate as a whole across the nation! It gleans from the Godly wisdom of many in order to share everything from the practical to the big picture!
Good questions, open and honest answers from great names in the worship industry. Loyal listener.
Thanks for the wealth of great information and inspiring interviews David!
Great content! Really helpful stuff about different teams doing 'team night.'
This is an incredible podcast for worship leaders! Tune in and be inspired to inspire others to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
David is an awesome man of God who cares most about the heart and pursuit of God that each of his worship leaders and team members have. He does a wonderful job of expecting an extremely high level of excellence from all of his musicians at the same time. This podcast is perfect for ALL worship leaders from the volunteer leading a 50 person congregation to a full-time worship director at a mega church. GREAT interviews with amazing people in the music industry such as Paul Baloche, Kari Jobe and many others add so much value to the weekly experience of listening.
This is a really cool podcast! I think that the diversity of the different worship leaders interviewed on this podcast is awesome! So far in my listening history, I have heard everyone from Hillsong to Bethel worship leaders to Dave Garratt from NZ to Bob Fitts to Dustin Smith. I feel like no one who is even remotely anyone on the worship scene is left out of this ongoing discussion about worship leading, and I love it :)
Great podcast for worship leaders learning from some of the most influential worship leaders around the globe. May you find encouragement and inspiration by subscribing!