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Probably my favorite podcast but I would like more than one a month than one every two weeks. What the F#@%! Keep it coming!
So the thing that makes this podcast great is they speak their mind and don’t pull punches. It’s a top 3 podcast in the ultra running category (and yes there are many more than just three), but also one of my favorites in the “two guys talking” category of podcasts (of which there are thousands.)
Gary and Tim are quite a pair. David has a way of bringing up topics which get interesting comments from Tim and the two go off on banter that leads everywhere and no where at the same time. The interviews the best episodes for sure. The scope covers mountain biking, cross country skiing, motorcycle riding and even comments on cricket. While the main focus originally was on ultra’s it seems more like a general commentary on endurance sport and sport in general. I have been caught laughing to myself with buds in when I’m out and about in public. Warning there are man type sexual innuendos, not overly coarse, but just saying. They are not pompous, just opinionated, and there lies the difference.
A lot of trail podcasts are super positive, team spirited discussions. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this one has a little more grit and reality. And sarcasm. But somebody has to talk about the economic impact of races on neighborhoods; literally seeing injustice and economic inequality in the street. Somebody has to talk about sponsorship details and race directing logistics. And chickens. And cricket. And broken collarbones. And discuss the other sort of race in ultra running. The Gary Cantrell interview (which is sadly lost) was probably my favorite running podcast ever. Too much sugar is bad for your teeth. These guys are funny, intellectual and real. Thanks guys for keeping it going!
I really enjoy the Podcast. Mike Aish was my favorite interview along with Dave Wiens. Gary and Tim roll together nicely even though Tim is a little grumpy and negative. Keep it up boys…and do more interviews. you mentioned Brett Maune? Oh yeah and Compete or Complete was hands down one of the best Podcast discussions I have ever heard.
These guys are top notch, always entertaining and usually pretty funny as well.
Finally a podcast for runners and cyclists who are sick of listening to strung-out race recaps, ultra-glorified fairytale adventures, and stale interviews of boring "elite" ultra runners.
Sometimes I hate you both. Sometimes you crack me up. Some episodes are of the most interesting I have ever heard (i.e. Black Marathoner's Association, Jill Homer, Ed Sandor). Others are of no interest to me whatsoever (bike). Sometimes I feel like you are speaking directly at the douchebag part of me, calling it out and criticizing it. And I love that. This podcast is like the wild west - unpredictable, varrying in subjects and themes and, at times, about nothing. Sometimes it is negative. Sometimes it's real positive. Here are a few things it never does - pander, hold back, lie, ego stroke and/or just say what's popular today. I appreciate that honesty. I appreciate the fact that you often times say what most people are thinking but are afraid to say out loud. You are brutally honest to a fault.....and I find that extremely entertaining. If you have a poster of Anton on your wall, watch Unbreakable on a constant loop or take a picture of every run you take you might not love this podcast. Yet. Go run a few hard races and come back in a year or so. I promise you that once you finish cooking all the recipies from "Eat and Run" and you realize that "Ultramarathon Man" only scratched the surface of the wild world of ultrarunning you may find that a lot of what takes place here makes an awful lot of sense. Don't change a thing.
If you enjoy laid back conversation about everything concerning endurance sports, and then some, you will enjoy this show. Check it out. These guys will have you smiling.
I enjoy listening to your podcasts. I appreciate hearing stories from all the ultrarunners you know, as well as first person accounts from your own races. Looking forward to more!
Too much negativity in this show. This is not for me ...
Tim and his wealth of experience shine in this cool podcast that has you nodding your head right along as it plays on your long runs. The show is fun and smart with out being pedantic, I always feel like I've learned something about a topic or person and been entertained in the process. Really makes the runs I listen to the podcast on fly by.
Just started listening a few weeks ago. Really like the podcast and enjoy the topics. Nice job guys!
I listened to the Compete or Complete episode and will never listen to this podcast again. These guys are a couple of fast runners who believe that slower runners have no place on *their* race courses. They went as far as suggesting that the slower times that most trail/ultrarunners produce dilute their acheivements. Run away from these guys, run away. Yuck.
Good stuff. If ur at all interested in this genre you'll like foot feathers