Austin Sessions

Reviews For Austin Sessions

The podcast gives good inside into the culture of Austin that makes it Austin. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to what the future holds.
Austin sessions has a great vibe. Jake interacts with his guests in a way that will draw you in, and have you waiting for the next session to see what new guest he'll have in and what they bring to the city of Austin. This podcast represents the culture that is Austin. Keep it Weird!
This podcast shines the light on Austin to bring out the amazing people that live in this city. Everything about this cast is laid back. No agenda, no expectations, just people talking about interesting things. If you are wanting to better your knowledge on the people shown here on this list, you have come to the right podcast. Jacob does a fantastic job bringing out content that the interviewees hadn't even considered bringing up. Keep up the good work Austin Sessions. Support your local podcast!
I don't know a lot about Austin. This is a good resource to kind of get a feel for everything. Looking forward to more!
Love the creative and long form interview. I am looking forward to hearing more and more from Jake.