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I'm 32 and had not previously had the vocabulary to describe how childish & adult I feel simultaneously. Thank you, Nick & Marissa. Also the slang these two use is brilliant. No podcast (or other medium, for that matter) has given me such insight into understanding my own angst. That itself is wonderful. But the added gift of being inspirational & urging all of us to create & not be afraid to put ourselves out there...truly priceless. Thank you!
I just turned 30, but I get it. Haha! I LOVE the "I'm too old for this ..." portion! I think that all the time now!! Keep up the awesomely great work!!! Love you guys!
so relatable and poignant while filled with laugh out loud moments. i look forward to each episode.
I love that in each episode I am surprised in some great way. Like something makes me laugh out loud or is emotionally touching.
So funny! I feel like I know them.


By SBFall
Sweet, honest, and hilarious. More please, every day.
Hilarious and brutally honest, Nick and Marissa are easy to relate to, this podcast will make you laugh out loud and feel less like you are the only thirty-something who hasn't figured it all out.
Nick and Marissa are hilarious together. Their authentic and unfiltered conversations about everything from skinny jeans to clinical depression are laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes (shockingly) poignant. (Yes, Marissa, you = poignant.) Their "unsolicited advice" cuts straight to the psychological core of the dirty-30 experience. And their special guests all add their unique perspectives on being "adults" and are awesome additions to the witty banter. Embarrassing personal stories and vulnerable confessions abound! I can't wait to hear more from these two sly cobras. And, yes...I am jealous.
Warm, laugh out loud funny and inviting. Just what I needed on this rainy day.


By Blp212
Just listen and you'll understand.