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By Jakeobs
Gentlemen, I would like to publicly and formally apologize to all 3 of you (particularly Mr. Brandvold) for trolling you in the past. Keep up the great work! Respectfully Yours, Andrew Jacobs
Just found this podcast!!! KiSS fan since 76 Binge Listening .. You guys ROCK!!!! Thank you
What a great podcast! These are crazy knowledgeable about Kiss which makes it so much fun and informative. I'm hooked!
First of all, let me state that I find these podcasts entertaining and sometimes informative. I have been a KISS fan for almost 40 years and love the band (up to 2002). These guys are truly kiss fans but if you say anything about the current lineup such as imposters, can't sing anymore or please retire, these guys will block you from their Facebook page even though they are "real" kiss fans. I must state though, it is not 2/3 of three sides that does this, just the minister of information who lets you say what you want as long as you agree with him. Not cool. Show the love and be open to all comments even if you do not agree. We stuck by each other through the 80s, stick by the fans who don't necessary agree with you but are still a part of the army. You will get a lot more followers and subscribers. Thank you.
The show is awesome! But if you're making comments, be careful not to make any valid opposing points, you will be banned! (And don't ever use the name "Mikey", you will be banned) That said, this show really is great! Although banned, I'm forever a fan and listener. Learned a lot of cool stuff here and had many laughs. Cheers
I enjoy the caliber of guests that 3 Sides brings to the table. My hopes are that I learn something new each time I tune in to the podcast; and for the most part I usually do learn something new. Keep up the great work! I
If you are a fan of Kiss you simply have to check these guys out. No fluff bs, just interesting talk about the hottest band in the world..... Kiss!
I'm new to the block. I have enjoyed all the ones i have listened to so far. Enjoy the honesty. I have changed my tune on Eddie Trunk. He seems like a really nice guy. Yes Vinnie Vincent saved Kiss. Long live Kiss and long live this podcast!!!!
Always love hearing the thoughts on kiss from these guys.They always have great show topics and guests
Kiss fans, you have found your podcast home!! These guys knock it out of the park! They have honest opinions good or bad and don't hold back. Good discussions that DO NOT get boring. If you love Kiss, you will love this. Welcome to the show, people!
I love how this podcast is available as a video too. You can watch the hosts in case you are in front of your computer. A brilliant KISS podcast! Check it out!
Enjoy listening/watching the podcast. Interesting topics. Great guests and great tidbits!!!


The NPR of Kiss podcasts. I like to listen when I go to bed.
I love Kiss, and I love the idea of a Kiss podcast. I recently downloaded several episodes of Three Sides of the Coin to enjoy during a long road trip. I was only into the first podcast a few minutes when the first F bomb was dropped. I quickly too the sound off the car speakers and put on my headphones. Then more F bombs and swear words. These guys probably think that most of us rockers don't mind sophomoric R rated language. I was immediately turned off, but kept with it because of the topic. After a few more F bombs, I decided to give another episode a try. And again, here came the offensive language. Worse than the F bomb however, is the frequent use of the name of Jesus Christ used in vain or part of a profanity. I know I probably sound like an ultra conservative dud, but the truth is I'm not at all. I'm a family man, Christian, and a former dj on a classic rock station. I love rock n roll and I'm not naive of the rock culture. But these guys are not rockers. These guys, which seem to be otherwise cool dudes, are just fans talking about Kiss. Kiss fans come in all walks of life and of all ages. I have been a fan for 37 years. However, I wouldn't recommend this podcast to those sensitive to language or to those of us who love Jesus more than KISS.
Three sides of a Coin is a KISS podcast that is honest in their opinions with no BS.
Great show very interesting
Like my title says, if you enjoy KISS you'll love listening. Interesting discussions about topics you may not have thought of before and great interviews with people associated with the band.
Just watched the episode w/Eddie Trunk and loved it from start to finish! Every Kiss fan needs to watch this episode and the 49 others that came before it.
I try not to miss any episodes and very much enjoy the shows weekly..keep up the good work guys!
pretty funny. gets a lil tired after you have seen a few episodes. but still pretty cool if you've never seen it. the guys seem to know a lot about kiss, but also always try to make themselves seem a lil too important. No one gives a f that dude worked for kiss, or that mitch interviewed them. Tommy is the only cool guy on the show.
I find it funny how some people don't get this show. It's your opinion and it's neither right or wrong, it's just your opinion. I find that I agree and disagree with what is said at times but again that's my opinion. From the last show my holy 3 would be Destroyer, Rock'n Roll Over & Love Gun. The crap 3 are You wanted the best, Carnaval of Souls, Psycho Circus. I look forward to every Tuesday when I get the next shouw so, keep up the great work guys! The 3 of you are awesome!
Love the show...daily listening while I catch up on the episodes!!!
I can't get enough of these podcasts. Love the guests they've had on and looking forward to who they might get in the future. I wonder if they've ever gotten any feedback from the band themselves about the podcasts. Keep up the great work
Very interesting views from guys, who like me, grew up with KISS. We share many of the same thoughts. I enjoy the tidbits you throw out about the band that the new generation may not know.
Best Kiss Discussion Podcast on the Net. Suitable for new and die-hard Kiss fans, alike, this show features a lively & informative discussion on the Hottest Band in the World. Check it out!
This is the only podcast I will listen to. Sure the sound isn't great at times but they're doing the show for fun and I have fun listening to it. I love this podcast and it's the only one I would put on my iPod. Keep up the great work and keep using that vasoline Mitch. :)
So glad i found this podcast. KISS fan since 75' and this is something I look forward to each week. Great discussions on everything KISS. Nice job guys!
Great show. Always entertaining and sometimes they're able to land so e great guests. Would love it they were able to get someone like Chris Lendt (who wrote the best biography on KISS in my opinion) to participate in a show. Keep up the great work.


By amj9807
Honest and interesting conversations about KISS; these guys are great!!


By sagafoo
these guys are so fun. I reccomend this to KISS fans
These guys do a great job and any KISS fan would find this podcast not only informative, but thought provoking and entertaining as well. Keep up the good work


I love this podcast. These guy give such a interesting view of Kiss. No dirt and rumors just entertaining discussions. Keep it up guy. Rock ON!!!