Reviews For Bliss Bringers - Sex, Swinging & Kink Podcast

Candid and honest nature of this show is really vital and important I think. As a matter of personal preference, I would prefer the conversations to be a little more structured, maybe moving from topic to topic instead of just recounting experiences. But given the subject matter, there’s definitely something to be said for normalizing things by just discussing them casually. Definitely worth exploring.
I am a lover of podcasts.. and I have NO IDEA how this one slipped by. I love their topics but more so I LOVE their drive by interviews where they ask questions of random ppl. Only heard a few but this is going to be a regular for me!
I first learned of the Bliss Bringers through their guest appearance on another podcast, and we have been spending our time catching up! This show is educational, yet enticing. Informative, yet provocative. The more you listen, the more you will feel like they are your friends. I like how they take positive topics and reveal how they fit into your real life. The lifestyle is not something to just save for Friday night . . . live it, and the Bliss Bringers can bring more pleasure to your every day.
This is a great new show about experiences in the Lifestyle. A two-couple approach brings more experiences, thoughts and opinions on Lifestyle events and how-to's. Well done and keep it up!
A refreshing new look on the subject. No-hold-barred talk but still informative.