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Just decided to listen to the podcast for Run, which is currently the newest one. I don't know if this is indicative of the entire rest of your show, but 5:30 of rehashing your pimping at the start is super annoying. I understand taking care of business at the start of a show. But condense your notes to make it bullet points. Podcasts can be replayed to recover missed information!
Hard to hear and everyone talks at the same time.
Heard the beginning of The Key, thanks for your public dressing down of me, your now former listener. You ask for reviews, you get one you don't like so blame the listener? I do work and am in DS's on the side and I'm open to reviews too. If someone had feedback for me, I wouldn't publicly try to shame them like you did by calling my name out 3-4 times during your pre-show rant. Very unprofessional especially since I didn't hide behind a moniker to do a review. If you only want to hear how great you are, send friends and family to write your reviews. You explained all this backstory because why? It's like a teenager who has reasons why for everything but never taking responsibility. So here's your 5 stars and while I appreciate you offering me the option to email you directly, I'll just give you your 5 stars and delete this podcast off of my playlist.
I still listen to this podcast but, it is a little bit too structured for me. It is like they are just reading from an outline and sticking to it. That takes the fun out of it for me. I do like when podcasts are well organized, but hearing the same outline questions each week isn't fun. I also don't enjoy that they pimp their products/business so often. I thought that it was excessive last season, but it seems like there is even more now.
This 2 hour Scandal finale podcast was jam packed with EVERYTHING: humor, in-depth analysis, passion, insight, and most importantly folks who not only love the show, but are scandal experts in their own right. WELL DONE! You HAVE to give us something during the hiatus, lest we perish! "Gladiator In Harlem/CoffeeLiteSweet"
They speak the truth. Funny and insightful
Jaha, I was so excited to find your podcast. I only recently began watching Scandal and as I got caught up I enjoyed hearing your views and the views of your panel members. Everyone is so thoughtful and I get so much more out of each episode of the tv show by following it up with your podcast full of insights and ideas. keep it up!
The podcasts lack structure. They're rambling and having technical difficulties and just barely getting their point across. There are better analysis style podcasts.
I love this podcast. It's like just sitting around with girlfriends and speaking the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth lol. Unlike some other podcast, the goal doesnt seem to be to find something wrong with the show or to predict. The hosts actually enjoy the show. Keep it going.
Thank you so much for your podcast. My best friend and I spend hours disecting each week and your show gives prefect comical cliffs notes for us to follow. Although, you will never catch me in a white hat, the personal conversations on your show are always on the side of good. Trust your gut and keep bringing us your podcast.
I love what you're doing with your Scandal Podcast on Google hangout! I feel like I'm right there with you girls. It's really interesting hearing everyone's take on the episodes. Jaha, I was so surprised to hear your hidden close to the show. It had me LOL all the way home. Keep up the great work! Nadine O.
I don't usually rate and review but I don't want you to think you aren't appreciated! I do enjoy your recap! You have a very nice speaking voice though I suspect that you aren't a true Olitz fan. You seem to lean towards Mellie's side but I won't hold that against you. :) other than that I agree with most of what you say. I don't think you need the show feeds. They sound a little tinny and are hard to hear. Just my opinion. If you could upload a better audio that may help! Thank you and hope to hear more from you next season! Happy Summer!
Very easy to listen to and unlike scandal afterbuzz, you do a little of critiquing the storyline and you are most definitely not annoying like Sophia. Good luck with the show and the sound quality could be better.
Great show!