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Reviews For Swiftcast: The #1 Taylor Swift Podcast

Love her music
I love you Taylor Swift. Listening to this once again. Sooo good
She has the best songs and I can’t stop listening to her music! I watched the movie on Netflix, and she just inspires me with her songs!
I do not like Taylor swift
Lol ches queen lol that’s good like I lol love you like a totes sis lol #poop emoji 4life queen 💩💩💩
Love listening to this!! Thank you so much for making it 😊


Twitter sent me here and I really love this podcast!! Wish me luck in the magazine giveaway!! (: @JennTheHenn77
Honestly the best podcast out there❤️
Great podcast!
You guys are awesome!! If you want an in depth review about Taylor and her music this is the place to go. I’ve learned so many things that I never knew about Taylor.
Love this podcast! So entertaining! I️ feel like I’m literally in the same room with other swifties gossiping. So, excited about the album too! Less then 24 more hours and can’t wait to hear their review!! 🤗
Love love love the dedication of this show. Great place for us swifties to come to to listen!
I love listening to this podcast everyday! It's great having another place to hear about Taylor and to know that other people care about her as much as me 😂❤
U guys are awesome!!!!!! I'm sure taylor is proud of you dedication! Love u guys!!!!!!
i actually got to listen to alot of podcasts and i love how well yu describe taylor songs like you actualy get them
Love the ability to crush hard on T Swift with others that relate!
I love Swiftcast! So many awesome podcasts all about my favorite artist! ❤️
So incredible that you guys are doing something like this! I’m looking forward to listening on my drives into work. P.S. Taylor is a QUEEN
This podcast is preeminent!!!
While some podcasts are dry these guys cover our Queen!
I love this podcast so much! It’s great for swifties or non swifties. It keeps you updated on taylor and your fellow fans! 10/10 would recommend.
I love Taylor Swift, & this podcast is amazing!
Have tuned in to the episodes because I love Taylor, and I love anything Taylor Swift!!
This is, hands down, the greatest podcast if you’re a fan of Taylor Swift. If you’re not listening to her jams then listen to this!
I love this show. These guys are so funny and entertaining to listen to. I always look forward to the guests too.
I'm a huge taylor fan and love every single thing about this podcast!!!
Y'all are great! You have given good information, especially during the reputation era. It was cool how you were able to have special guests join you (Hey maybe someday Taylor herself. ;-) ) I also admire how you continued throughout the gap between 1989 ( March 2015 ) to the begining of Repuation ( Aug. 2017)
They give you all the news a Swiftie needs. I love how they calendar all her events too!
This podcast is incredible! It covers all the amazing details about taylor's music that we swifties love hearing about! L O V E !!!
I’m glad to discover more swifties, you guys seem really cool
I love this podcast its so amazing and I love listening to different peoples point of views of Taylor Swift ❤️❤️! Also you follow me on Instagram and that makes me extremely happy ❤️❤️! Thank you for making my life a lot better ❤️❤️!
I love all that you post on here. You’re podcasts are great because they give an inside look at all things Taylor. I love learning about the behind the scenes work that goes into making her songs, music videos, and albums. I would definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know!
I love this podcast bc it focuses on Taylor Swift and it's perfect for fans who love her so much! The hosts make the podcast much more enjoyable and make you wanna listen to more 🖤
Great podcast!! Love hearing about Taylor!
been listening for about a year now and y’all are killing it with all the interviews right now!


By EricaL7
The podcasts are awesome !! I love them !!
I didn’t watch any videos it looked like it was boring and I didn’t see any of Taylor’s songs or remixes of it so buh bye
I love this so much!!! I love hearing people talk and discuss how amazing Taylor is!! I love all things Taylor Swift 😻
As a swiftie this is a great find.
It's a fun podcast if you love Taylor!


You guys are literally my fave 😭😭😭
Love listening to these guys!!!!
I love it
Love every episode I’ve listened to so far
I Love this podcast so much if you are a taylor swift fan then i would recomend that you listen to this taylor swift podcast, the hosts are great!!!!!!!! If you want to know everything about taylor swift then listen to this podcast, very knowledable and the hosts are very funny. would reccomend to anyone please give them a listen.
It’s fun listening to people freak out over Taylor as much as I do.
Keep up the good work I love your podcast