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Ten minute sports rants? I’m in. Lawhead is a funny dude but you can tell he knows his sports as well. Enjoy the Cleveland segments.
A great podcast that delivers entertainment for the comedy fan, sports fan, or casual listener. Jason's outlook is hilarious. He makes great points on all sorts of topics. I have seen his comedy live and I can truly tell you this guy destroys. Subscribe and be sure to check out his standup live, online, or anywhere possible.
simple as that.
Sports impressions, quick recipes, and a little humor surrounding what the hell is going on with this world: everything you could want in a podcast.


By Dgb21
First heard him on Bill Burr and thought he was great. Like it.
Love this podcast. Jason is a very funny and honest guy. His sports knowledge is definitely large. His delivery is really good and before you know it the podcast is over. I kind of wish the podcasts were longer. Support and spread this podcast around!
Lawhead's Court is a great one-two punch of sports talk by a guy who actually knows the games and intriguing life stories. If you're tired of the stat crunching and over analysis done by regular sports radio, please give this a listen it will be a great change of pace that you'll surely enjoy.
If you follow Bill Burr you know who Jason Lawhead is. If you don't - then meet this guy and listen. It's like having your buddy over to talk sports and smack. Football, basketball, baseball, tennis? Lawhead could do probably do color commentary for any sport from football to full contact basket weaving I'm sure he knows about it. Do yourself a favor and tune in!
"What areya filling that thing up wit a hair dryer back dare or what??" (TVE) The rose bowl tailgate legend. Keep it up man great podcast
This guy is funny and knows his sports! He's a guy's guy!
Listen to this podcast! I've been a listener since ep. 20 and I have to say they get better and better. Also I love the into #LawheadLife.
Knowledge sports discussion in addition to great comedy.
This guy is funny and he knows his sports far more than the average guy does. The only thing missing is hockey talk!
His passion for sports is contagious. His comedic wit is lightning quick and his recollection of sports history is both impressive and entertaining. This guy is a rising star.
Jason delivers a unique blend of comedy, sports & lifestyle #TheLawheadLife. Well done & looking forward to watching his climb to the top of comedy!
Love this podcastt! Lawhead does a great job and Rena Marie sounds so very cool. Thanks to my nephew Paul Virzi, I began listening nearly a year ago. Also got to see a great show in Boulder, CO with Bill Burr and Jason Lawhead. Smart and hilariously funny!!!
I discovered Jason Lawhead through comedian Bill Burr. When i went to see Bill live in Chicago Jason opened for him and he absolutely killed! Lawhead's Court is a great podcast for sports fans and comedy geeks. I would take listening to this podcast over watching a sports talk show 10 times out of 10. Keep it up Jason, you rock!


By EMdock
Not a huge sports fan but I still listen and crack up. Look forward to more!
Really funny stuff, Jason's frustration with Cleveland sports never gets old. Also very well produced
Go browns!!!!!
If you enjoy sports and comedy, you'll like this podcast!
Lawhead is very funny plus great sports commentary
Do you like sports and comedy? Subscrive to this!