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An awfully dull podcast. Good for insomnia
Love this podcast, quick interesting stories. If you wish to pursue more on them that’s up to you.
This time it’s other way around. It’s the left wing in Hollywood that blacklisted ever conservative, Christian or just those that aren’t PC. If you aren’t in their click You will not get a job as a writer, director or acting. It was wrong then and it’s wrong now. But it is true. Not a conspiracy but the truth. Ask anyone in Hollywood today. They are so totally in control they now will brag about it openly
A really great way to learn about historical events in greater depth. I’ve lived in both the UK and US and have a surface knowledge of many of the topics, but this podcast always goes deeper and helps me understand what led up to the events. Keep up the good work!
The subjects of these wasted hours are selected by the BBC’s leftwing political commissars for the indoctrination of the audience. They have nothing to do with history.
I love this podcast, & look forward to hearing it every week. However, I was quite disappointed when the most recent episode cut off after only two minutes. Please remedy the issue so your listeners can fully enjoy the program.
Sometimes they don’t load or skip a bit. Other than this tech, the quality of the program is excellent. Very fair and factual view of history.
Deeply conservative and basic analysis despite the rich guy accents .
Well done,with excellent research and delivery!
I’m unfortunately unsubscribing to this podcast. It has a lot of interesting content but with the recent release of the episode involving Judge Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill that I realized this podcast has a definite political lean to the left. By not including the Judge’s side of the story nor all the facts against Anita Hill, they are showing they only care about one side of the coin of history. It’s unfortunate, but I like having both sides of the story not just the one you agree with.
Awesome podcast. Interesting. Looking at past episodes they are mislabeled so don’t pick one you want to hear. Just listen to all of them. It’s worth it.
Good pacing to keep you interested and a good variety of events each episode.
This podcast is excellent, interesting, and informative, but it is also easy and fun to listen to. It highlights both major and little-known historical events. I appreciate that it investigates women’s history, disability history, and gay history. One of the best podcasts out there, highly recommended.
Review the requiem
I have been binge listening to The History Hour while at work. I enjoy the format and the topics.
I’ve always loved history and really enjoy this podcast. He does an excellent job telling the story in a way that keeps the listener interested while giving facts and explaining how these stories could have come out of the time period in question. I learn something new every episode. Would definitely recommend!
If you like left wing sissies, virtue signaling, anti-white, anti-male bologna, this might be the show for you. Listening to this show makes it easier to understand how England is handing itself over to a hostile third world invasion and occupation of the land of my ancestors and won’t be long til I see them all with there foreheads to the ground and butts in the air five times a day in the next few years.
Dont be deceived by the boring cover art, this is truly great stuff
keep up the great reporting - & thank you
Major events you may have brushed over are revisited in detail.
It's the BBC. Of course it's great. The only mistake they ever made was letting Top Gear getaway from them. But this podcast is always great.
Tremendous Entertainment
This is the greatest podcast. Thanks.
I lived through some of the topics they talk about and wasn’t aware of some of the facts!
Very informative and interesting podcast.
Covers about 5 topics per episode, pulling from extensive archival material.