Reviews For Belabored

This is likely an important podcast. Their own microphone system is in sharp contrast. The podcaster is likely moving her head back and forth in front of a stationery mic. This has the effect of her voice going up and down and is difficult to follow.
How come the sound is so terrible? A lot of echoing and just generally hard to follow. It’s like a zoom session. Can you get a better microphone and suggest your guests to a specific sound standard?
This is a must-listen for any labor organizer or union member starved for news about workers rights! You can’t find any mention of these labor issues in corporate media, but Belabored lays it all out! I only wish this podcast came out more frequently.
i’m glad this podcast exists. true, sound quality is lacking at times, some interviewees ramble at times, & you can hear a host clacking her keyboard at times...but, these issues are the stuff out our lives. we all work, or are unemployed/underemployed. this show equips workers with analysis, theory, commentary, as well as calls to practical action. cheers for #belabored.
I want to like this podcast, but the production quality is quite poor. The interviewer often seems incredibly impatient with the interviewee to the affect of leading them to a particular point. Also, the number of "vocalizations of agreement" by the interviewer is awfully distracting and makes this podcast nearly in listenable.
We need to revive the labor movement. This shows it's not dead and discusses important issues to making it more effective
They are the best. Bless them for covering the important stuff that ought to be covered by all news sources but of course isn’t.
Just what we need in light of impending catastrophe. Let the roadmap for rebuilding be heard.
theres so much left journalism that is just smart people agreeing with one another and/or complaining, but these folks actually talk to people who are taking action that isn't just marching or donating or clicking. Instead of just coming to the conclusion that the Left needs to organize then ending the show, they discuss grassroots organizing and take the necessary time to do so. This is the kind of journalism that is a requirement for democracy.
if you're a progressive, you need to listen to this.
This podcast is so good i want to nationalize it. insightful and witty, ladies. Keep it up!
Nearly every daily paper used to have at least one full-time labor reporter. Today, the very title is an anachronism. Thank you so much to Sarah and Michelle for doing a great job every week reporting on a criminally under-covered subject.
What's going on in the labor movement with thoughtful analysis and no spin - something that's hard to find! A good way to stay up to date whether you are a spectator or an activist.
Thank you for doing this. I will happily ignore lo-fi production values because the format and discussions are top drawer. If it were all slick n spitshined it would be less credible. You hear that Alex Blumberg? DIY is in again! Democratizing media, for real this time!
Fantastic and much needed! Great work Josh and Sarah!
Why didn't I think of that?
Good stuff. As a former HR VP (80s-90s) who tried to do everything right by workers despite the efforts of some pretty horrible company owners, it floors me how large companies are brazenly abusing labor laws to reclassify employees as ICs and how little the IRS and state tax offices are doing to enforce the code. There must be more money to be made elsewhere by allowing blatant infractions than by suing to collect employment taxes that would be owed states if the workers were reclassified as employees. Where is that money trail? Do we even want to know?
This podcast covers issues that are actually relevant to everyday lives of people trying to get by in the post-crash USA. If you are fed up with getting treated like dirt by your employer, listen here for inspiring stories of people who are fighting back. Thanks to Josh and Sarah for the great coverage!
Great new podcast from Dissent magazine. If you are interested in labor and/or progressive politics you must subscribe. The hosts exemplify some of the best new journalism on topics related to labor.
Josh Eidelson and Sarah Jaffe are two phenomenal labor journalists. This podcast captures both of them at their best. It is incisive, thoughtful, and unflinching.
Two serious journalists talking about the labor movement in the US and abroad. They're fun and smart without the smugness that pervades too much alternative journalism. Serious issue when the globe is confronting the consequences of the failure of the financial system on a daily basis. Highly recommended.