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I love listening to Cary ask thoughtful questions. She is a kind human and her compassion and curiosity come through. Glad to hear of fantastic books and reviews by Cary. Deep thanks.
A very thoughtful and insightful discussion with some of the top literary figures. A great listen for anyone who loves books!
I LOVE this podcast. Cary is an insightful interviewer; she explores interesting, meaningful and relevant work. It's wonderful to hear first-hand the story behind these books!
I love books and I'm an avid reader, but usually get bored with literary podcasts within the first 5 minutes because they all sound the same to me. But I just listened to Cary Barbor's interview with A.M. Holmes and I was immediately pulled into the conversation. Cary did a wonderful job of driving the interview so that readers would know just enough about the story to then understand her poignant questions about the wider context and themes in Holmes' book, and what can I say, I just wanted to keep listening, and of course, I purchased the book after the podcast. I also appreciate the wide range of guests on Cary's slate. Can't wait for the next one!
A pithy, conversational podcast that's just the right length. The discussions are always thoughtful and thought-provoking. Cary draws the authors out beautifully. Also, there's a good mix of fiction and non-fiction authors from New York Times writer Brian Stelter to Junot Diaz.
Cary always asks thought provoking questions and I love the variety of authors she interviews. A great listen for anyone interested in books!
Insightful, interesting, thoughtful interviews with authors by Cary Barbor Zahaby. I love listening to Cary's questions and in-depth conversations. She has a great understanding about what motivates an author and what makes for interesting listening. It's always interesting to hear the story behind the work. Give a listen.