Reviews For Superlicense F1 Podcast -- Covering every Formula 1 race

race recaps help me remember what I actually saw on TV
I’ve mostly enjoyed this podcast but they start this season (their 7th by their estimate) exposing all their shortcomings. They devote the first section to talking liveries but don’t really like any, and in the process demonstrate they don’t understand branding (why does Red Bull always look the same? why does Alfa always have that snake from their insignia?) and they get basic facts wrong (Alpha Tauri’s livery is navy blue & white, not black & white). They mess up history they want to reference (it was McLaren that pioneered the F duct, soon banned). They wrongly summarize the beginning of the season’s scandal (the FIA supposedly saying Ferrari’s 2019 engine was all OK — no, that’s not what a legal settlement tells you) which then means that all of the new developments of the week are mis-characterized in this ongoing scandal. They make predictions that reveal a lack of understanding of testing data and how teams work. These are all simple and perhaps minor details but it meant that every segment of the show was off-base and in the end not worth listening to. And aggravating in the end because a little homework could have fixed much of that — these aren’t dumb guys and they’re quite likeable otherwise. I can enjoy opinionated fan talk. But with all the errors this is just disappointing and now unsubscribed.
It not too different from listening to some random people in a bar talking about a sport they seem to understand only on the surface. If you want opinions for the sake of opinions than this show is for you. If you’re hoping for someone to examine each race and dive into what’s happening than look elsewhere.
These guys rock. I can’t imagine a race weekend without a recap pod. Rod and Zack are two friends who have a fresh and interesting take on F1, have a good quiz and read your prediction podium results (grand slam first time out for this guy). Listen now!
While I love their race talk I always skip their snack reviews. I wish that was maybe pushed off into a Patreon show where you can get extra fun things like snacks movies etc. Their racing discussions though are fantastic.
This is one of the best Formula 1 podcasts out there. These guys clearly enjoy F1 and producing this show. The segments and pacing of the show are great and the fan involvement with the predictions are fantastic. I work out of a vehicle and I find myself sitting in my truck at a job site listening to the end of a segment/show rather than pausing.
These guys are great, and they put a lot of effort into putting together an entertaining show. UPDATE 2016: See previous sentence, because nothing has changed. The only thing I don't like about this podcast is when I'm not on the predictions podium--I tend to fast-forward over that segment like the sore loser that I am. (Therapy by way of podcast review, I think I made a major breakthrough today. Thank you Rod and Zach.)
Two hosts who know their stuff and make following the sport a lot of fun. Can not recommend highly enough!
Found this podcast after finally having enough of Formula1blog. I couldn't stand most of the "banter" by Todd and Grace, but wasn't seeing many other good options for a more frequent, fun discussion among fans-style podcast. This one really hits the mark and I enjoy the guys. I often skip through their predictions/fantasy stuff as I don't get involved, but at least it's not vape pens and catty comments about fashion, of all things! Also recommend the BBC F1 podcast! Enjoy!
An enjoyable show - humor, F1 insights, and funny accents (to a Southern California ear).
Been listening since 2013! Love it!
Yesssss, boys! Fantastic! Thank you so much for your show. I don't care what the others are saying, you Aussies are OK.
Rod and Zach take an informal approach to F1 coverage that at first listen may strike some as a bit silly. Listen for a while and you find not only are they funny, they are passionate, knowledgeable fans who provide insightful commentary on the sport. Also occasionlly cricket jokes (or those may be actual cricket play calls. I'm an American, how they heck would I know?)
Zach and Rod do a great show on F1. This is my first year really paying attention to the sport and their show has been a great way to get introduced to F1. I don’t pretend to get all the cricket jokes, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my favorite new podcasts.
These guys are great. After every race weekend I always check for a new podcast at least once every hour. They are really funny and give a good perspective on formula 1 and the races. I have been listening since earlier this season and they have responded to me on facebook and play my audio predictions on the show. Anyway, this is my favorite podcast and you all should listen to it.
I love listening to Australian accents. I love listening to people talk intelligently about F1. I love people with a good sense of humor. This blends all three quite nicely. Great work guys, keep it up!
These guys are really funny. They have a good time with their pod and present a side of F1 that is not available, more of a narrative, goofy take on the soap opera that is our favorite sport. They are always willing to interact with listeners and encourage more. Very unique and fun show.
These guys do an awesome job and they're pretty funny. I always look forward to each race weekend and the new episode that always comes out soon afterwards. They strike me as just some regular guys who love formula one as much as I do and they put a lot of work into each episode. I hope they go after some sponsors at some point so they can get paid for their hard work.
This is one of my favorite F1 podcasts - informal and fun but also a good source of info.
I only just come across this pod cast after the 2013 season ended but I've gone back and listened to them all. I hope they continue in 2014 and on! Very funny guys and good formula 1 talk. Recommend to everyone that enjoys F1.
I've been a fan of the great sport of F1 for a few years now and have always struggled to find many decent podcasts available, especially being in America. I'm so glad that I stumbled across these two! They seriously know their stuff and they make every episode entertaining and informative! Keep doing what you guys are doing! Spreading the word out here in America!!!
A race review every week and pretty fun