Adv. Intermediate – Lightspeed Spanish

Reviews For Adv. Intermediate – Lightspeed Spanish

I love these lessons. They've increased my level and help me stay sharp. Bonus fun is listening to they're banter and find agreement together. It is educational without being stuffy or boring at all. Highly recommend.
It would be great to hear Cynthia speak and lead more than Gordon - as one can learn more from a native speaker and the teaching is not so labored .
Easy to follow podcasts of useful and interesting topics in Spanish. I’m hooked on listening!
An Excellent series. Extremely well done grammatically and Gorder and Cnthia are fun to listen to. I highly recommend this series and the Help Sheets available on their website.
I downloaded the entire Light Speed Spanish series, and I listen to it on my iPod while I'm driving. I learn more and more with each lesson, and I'm able to practice with my Spanish-speaking friends. I highly recommend this series.