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Sean is doing an amazing & inspiring job with the podcast. The episodes cover every topic relevant to fighters, and he's does a great job of interviewing lots of different people, across different backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups, and a good mix of male and female fighters get their shine. Much love to the Muay Thai Guy & continued success
I love this all the interviews with guys I look up to and, the tips and pretty much life hacks for Muay Thai so much great knowledge lol it's great keep it up man!
I'm a runner and triathlete, and found Muay Thai through seeking out means of learning self-defense. I immediately fell in love with it, and have been training regularly for about two months. I found this Podcast two weeks into training, and I feel like it has absolutely enhanced my mental game. Though I don't plan on fighting, I love having these interviews and being able to live vicariously through them. The information is awesome -- I've learned so much! Because of this Podcast, I feel more immersed with the verbage, the culture of the sport, and the intensity of training. Keep up the awesome work, bud!
In my ameatur career of Muay Thai I am figuring out a lot of things about myself as an individual as well as a fighter and generalized fighter. Having done Muay Thai for 10 years with only 4 fights, but with 2 back surgeries, and I am now able to go full throttle again, My plan is to have abother 10-15 ameatur fights and then go pro. I am 30, so I want to get into my pro development before I get too much older, which will enable me to have a longer career. I am saying that these outlooks, talks, perspectives and breakdowns of things within the Muay Thai world is EXACTLY what I needed before going into my next ameatur fight and smokers. Apprecaite you Sean, so thank you for providing this love of Muay Thai and relevant topics into my life as well as others. I have already passed it on around my academy. Muay Thai of Colorado (MTOC)
An all around great podcast, with lots of lesser-known guests covering a wide range of topics relative to Muay Thai. Love to listen to these in the car on the way in to work. It keeps me pumped and looking forward to training at night. Then soon as I get to work, it’s straight to YouTube to look up whoever you just talked to and watch their fights! (But never on company time, *wink*!) Glad to have you back putting out regular episodes! Keep them coming.
Like i said on the subject, this is the only podcast i listen to. No BS, Sean definitely covers almost everything a person has questions about on his podcast. I am a newbie in the sport so listening to this helps me a lot. So worth your time. Hopefully i get to attend one of Sean's retreat soon. Excellent job, Sean. Keep 'em coming. We appreciate ya!
I listen to the podcast all the time and really enjoy it thanks!
Your podcast is awesome, it helps to keep me focused. It's great for someone who isn't around great gyms or have the highest quality training partners to bounce ideas off of.
Sean- I've known about your website for a while now and thought I'd give your podcasts a shot to help me through my 10 workdays. So glad I did- I listened to 6 back to back on my first day and plan on listening to all of them. I especially enjoyed the ones with Chatri Sityodtong, Funk Roberts, Laura dal Farra, and Vinny Shorenan. (Did you ever go for your private session with Vinny and what did you get out of it?) Vinny was so inspiring that I've decided to get back in the ring once more before I turn 40 this September. Anyways, I have a problem phrasing what I'm thinking without sounding like a caveman and you do it well- so keep making these and live it up!
Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the art of muay thai this is a great podcast to subscribe to.
Sean has been putting in hard work with this pod cast and as someone else in the Muay Thai media world I really appreciate it. There’s been a number of great episodes - the interviews with Liam Tarrant, Eric Haycraft, the episode on reffing and judging just to name a few. I thought the interview with Laura Dal Farra of Milk Blitz Street Bomb was particularly interesting and I am looking forward to finishing up episode 79 with Chatri Sityodtong. Sean puts a ton of work into this podcast and it really shows in the quality of interviews. Keep up the great work!
Amazing information and its really helping me, I've been listening to it before bed and when I drive and its been fantastic!
Hafa Adai (hello) from Guam, USA! Love the podcast! All your guests give good insight into the American Muay Thai scene. Helps me enjoy my long drives. I know this is a long shot, but If you ever need someone to interview please try to get a hold of my Khru, Kevin Jalique. He could be found on FB under Guam Muay Thai. He's the first to open a gym on Guam and trained and fought pro under Khru Pongsan Ekyotin outta World Muay Thai Gym in Cali.
Sean is living the Muay Thai lifestyle in Thailand, so he's got some great perspective. He's done a great job getting interviews with a wide variety of MT practitioners. His interviewing skills have really improved since he started the podcast. Sean is also accessible: he gave me a few tips about training MT in Thailand for a trip I took last fall. Check out his website too, as it has some great content. Highly recommend. -Trez
I look forward to every single one. Sean is an awesome and knowledgeable person and it's worth a listen especially if your in the Muay Thai scene.
My name is Tron and I work at Inferno Muay Thai in Naples FL. I really enjoy this podcast. Sean is a high level competitor who brings on guests who are elite muay thai and k1 rules fighters. Its a fun and educational podcast. Keep up the excellent work!!!
My man, your interviews and passion for MT are great. Your work ethic and attention to detail shows in your online work as well as the ring. After giving up any striking 5 years ago because I fell in love with Jiu Jitsu, your podcast had rejuvenated my love of MT and getting back to it. You're a true ambassador of the sport and student of the game. Come back to Colorado again soon. We'll take care of you. Stay true brother. You're doing great things. -JAK
When I started training Muay Thai a year ago, I was looking for a podcast that would give me training and fighting tips. This podcast brings that and so much more. Sean knows his stuff backwards and forwards, and the interviews he does with the fighters are fuel to motivate me, challenge me, and pretty much keep me going when training gets tough. I listen to this podcast on my way to the gym and it gets me pumped up to give my all during every single session. Whether you're training to fight, or to get fit, or to learn the most awesome sport ever, this is the best podcast for everyone who loves Muay Thai.
Great, funny and inspiring interviews.
Thank you Sean for giving your valuable time and energy to this podcast. I am just beginning my Muay Thai journey at the age of 39, so your November conversation with James Gregory was extremely inspirational and motivating. Thanks for the fresh podcast! Todd G
This podcast is awesome. With the cross training podcast, I'm sure you helped with my fight camp. Can't wait to put these to work in the gym!
Super great podcast! Not only are you interviewing fighters but also all types of people associated with our sport. As a newer gym owner I glean knowledge from everyones success's and mistakes. This podcast brings it all together! Keep up the good work Bruddah!
It’s awesome listening to top level athletes talk about their insecurities, doubt and everything in detail that goes through their mind during training, during fights and other life things. It shows you that the best are just like you and if you want it you can get it. It’s a great source of motivation and information. And the MTG community is awesome! Keep it going.
Sean covers everything from events, nutrition, mental preparation, technique, and so much more. His interviews are very well done and thought provoking. His passion for the sport is infectious, and he really brings together an awesome community of people who love Muay Thai. Keep up the good work!-Rachel
Love listening to this podcast at work. It gives me my Muay Thai fix for the morning and saves me from the mental grind of work. Both your podcast and website are excellent resources for everything Muay Thai. Keep doing whatcha doing brother!
Your podcast is really good dude, I love all the cool guest and the knowledge y'all are dropping each episode keep it up I'm just booked a ticket to Bangkok and am going to start a quest to have a few fights during my trip any tips. I'm already a pro so I'm not going in blind but this will be my first thailand trip
After finding out about this podcast it replaced the music in my car. Sean is such a cool dude to listen to and he knows his stuff. Thank you for your service to the sport!
This is an amazing podcast for all who train in muay thai. It’s so motivational, educational, and very entertaining. I work in a research lab for long hours and it’s so relaxing and nice to be able to listen to advice on what I love to do. Keep it up Sean!
I was drawn to the podcast by the interview with Eric Heycraft and have been hooked since. Great guests, great info and Sean Fagen is a genuine guy. Keep it going and thanks for the great stuff!
Always putting out motivational and informational podcasts with the most interesting guests... Like myself and Sam's episode of course... Perfect download when on the road and in need for entertainment! BOOM
Top notch Muay Thai guests interviewed by a pro fighter. Enough said.
If you study Muay Thai then this Podcast is a must. Great interviews and every episodes offers new information to help you advance the art! Awesome!!
The Pod Cast, along with Sean’s Website really covers a vast range of information in the world of Muay Thai. The info Sean puts out is very legit. As a Muay Thai Practitioner myself with several trips to train and live in Thailand… i highly recommend listening to this podcast. its a great resource to hear interviews from some of the top fighters and other people living the Muay Thai dream and lifestyle. here in the states its hard to come across solid info on Muay Thai so this podcast is a MUST!!!
An amazing podcast motivating me to train harder and harder. Sean does a great job interviewing. I just signed up for a kick boxing tournament at a local boxing gym this September and I like to think this podcast is a little responsible for that haha. thanks for all your hard work bro keep inspiring keep motivating and most importantly watch out for the lady boys lol 👊😂👍
Perfect podcast to help everyone along their journey with Muay Thai. There are lots of great tips from eating the right foods to how to be successful in the sport. The interviews with Muay Thai fighters are inspirational and my favorite part.
Sean is full of great info no matter what your interest level is in Muay Thai. Also his guest are always great,and most are high profile fighters ! Sean let's get Kevin Ross on here !
I've been injured & off the mats for 6months now, and one of the only things keeping me sane is this podcast. As a new martial artist I couldn't be more grateful for the wealth of knowledge & heart Sean ushers in through his own passion for Muay Thai, as well as the top notch & genuine people he interviews. I simply can't listen to this podcast and not be inspired. It's a lifeline.
This is the best and only podcast I listen to. While being extremely knowledgable himself , Sean always brings on great guests who offer great insight into the Muay Thai world. Keep up the good fight sir .
Sean is one of the few guys I can say has devoted his entire life to Muay Thai. I've been a fan of his for some time now. Keep up the good work brother.
Anytime I am feeling lazy I just throw this on and it gets me motivated to train. Very infromative interviews.
Great podcast! I look forward to each new episode. Cool to hear another east coast Muay Thai guy, too.
Great podcast! It's efforts like yours that will get our sport into the narrative of combat sports in America!
I have been training in Muay Thai for almost a year now. I listen to this podcast before training and it helps pump me up and get ready to work hard! There is a lot of great information in this podcast and it has definitely inspired me to keep at it. Thank you Muay Thai guy!
Great interviews, He's asks the questions that I'm thinking! I do kickboxing in japan and love this podcast because of the similarities and differences between the two sports. This podcast is inspiring and motivating for any practitioner of ringsports. The only problem is, Sean's got me itching to goto thailand now!
This guy gets interviews with top level fighters and trainers and asks them great questions. He delves into things like mindset, diet, training, recovery, cutting weight, etc. His positive energy is infectious and motivates me to go train. Thank you so much for putting this out there!
I don't practice Muay Thai, I'm a bjj guy, but this is still a great podcast for anyone that's interested in martial arts and wants to hear about the dedication it takes to be number 1. Sean is the man.
As someone whose trained in Muay Thai in the past, love the advise given by these fighters. Keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing more about Muay Thai.
Great Muay Thai interviews, training tips, psychology, diet AND hair care tips!!! Entertaining and motivational.