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phenomenal job. love this show!
I really like what I hear so far. I'll be subscribing to check out more. What a great list of people you have interviewed...from Shark Tank peeps to Amy Porterfield. Nice!
Great show! Great guests! Awesome content!
Lots of great interviews. I love the advice and inspiration!
I like listening to other successful entrepreneurs stories and learning and growing from them. I think this show has quality sound and show notes. I recommend this show.
Pete has a great format to open up his guests and get to the good stuff that helps me in my business. I am a huge fan!
This podcast has blown me away the guests are complete game changers go ahead and subscribe you don't want to miss an episode !
Amazing guests, insightful questions and answers, LOADS of motivational lessons. Love it!
Entrepreneurship advice from some of the best!
To me, my absolutely favorite thing about shows like this is 99% of the time, the interviews. This show is no exception. The questions asked are great and very insightful into the minds of the entrepreneurs and how they made success for themselves. This show is amazing and I can't speak more highly of it.
I love how professional this show is. Great format and the show gets right to the point. Super good tips too!
Great to find another podcast series dedicated to bringing out that independence streak that many have, and many more should have.
Great job Pete. Not only do you have a great hosting style, you also interview so many amazing people. This is a must listen to.
Pete has some great and interesting guests sharing their entrepreneurial experiences with us! These aren’t always the same guests you hear on every other show in iTunes!!
Pete very cool show. You have a relaxed manner and still high energy at the same time. Really appreciate the show on focusing on one thing.
Love the guests and the content. Always a good listen, and I always get at least one take away.
Pete cuts to the core of what it means to be an entrepreneur. The podcast is inspiring, the guests are great, and I walk away with information I can actually use! Yes!
I have seen this guy online and really liked his “DIY” blog about woodworking. That’s how I found out about this. Cool to hear him in a different way. Good info from a guy who is living the dream.
Talk about amazing advice! This podcast is packed with great tips and tricks on everything entrepreneurial! Be ready to learn!
Great guests with great advice. Thank you Pete for a great show!
If so, this podcast is for you. If you are an entrepreneur, or want to be, this show is for you. Pete interviews successful entrepreneurs who share tips, insight, inspiration, and advice on starting a business and taking it to the next level.
if you want this mindset, inject your brain with this.
If you're looking for tools, tips, and tricks from some of the best entrepreneurs (including Pete), this is the place you'll find them.
This podcast is so great and packed with tons of tips and advice! I especially loved the episode with Jamie Tardy…so so good!! Thank you for all your hard work and sharing it with all of us!
Great podcast with quality guests, inspiration and actionable steps that are priceless for any entrepreneur!
I Enjoy This…You’ll Enjoy this. Just listen.
Wow....this show is amazing. As an entrepreneur I can say that this podcast is helping me a lot with such great advice. It's a MUST listen.
As an entrepreneur this is a great show and very informative to help me in my business. I really enjoy the flow of the show and the expert guests.
Very professional and clear messages. Interesting interviews too...
Love this podcast, fun and great content for those who love to travel and make money at the same time. Keep it going Pete
Would definitely recommend the show! As an Entrepreneur found great tips and info on the podcast.


Simple and entertaining ! Keep up the good work !
This is one of the first Podcasts I started listening to when I found out about Podcasts. One listen to this show and you will be hooked! Pete has a down to earth way of pulling information from his guests that make you feel like you are right in the room with the two of them. He gives you actionable items that you can use to grow your business. I highly recommend this!!!
You will get some incredible ideas and inspiration from the diverse lineup of guests on this show - each person has a great story with nuggets of wisdom worth writing down and pasting on your office (or even home) walls.
Super informative, well spoken and intelligent guests who know exactly what they're talking about, and a perfect length of under 30 minutes, the best business podcast out there for entrepreneurs.
I love Pete's sincere and laid back style that he has during his show. I've talked to him personally and he is an all around great guy. He has really cool guests and knows how to inspire. LISTEN UP!!!!!
This is a great cast which explores many different aspects of the entrepreneurial path. I can guarantee you'll find some great information which will save you time, money, and man power as you walk the path of building a business.
I love the "Think Entrepreneurship" podcast and have listened to each episode. I especially enjoyed listening to Fran Tarkenton as his passion for life was undeniable. Pete ends each interview with a few key questions for each guest and I always look forward to the responses. Keep up the great work!
This podcast is great insight to anyone in the early stages or planning to grow a business. Really great production values are clear and let you focus on the conversation.
Pete is the epitome of the perfect entrepreneur. Not only is he successful, but he also gives back. And not just with the podcast. Pete's blog is a great resource and I encourage anyone that seeks greater mentorship to reach out to Pete. His "give first" attitude is a rare pleasure.
Great podcast, Pete. I just listened to episode 2 with Kevin I'm listening to like episode 20. You have improved so much!! It keeps getting better. Keep it up. Jessica Rhodes
I ve been listening to Pete ever since he launched this podcast, and I strongly recommend it to all entrepreneurs. A great way to get some business insight from successful entrepreneurs. Love it!
Great interviews and advice!
I appreciate so much what Pete is doing to encourage and educate entrepreneurs like me. It is easy to get caught up doing my own thing when I have multiple things going on, but I believe that slowing down to take some advice from those who have gone ahead of me on this path is essential to my success. I have learned so much already from these podcasts and look forward to more. Thank you, Pete!
Trying to be a successful entrepreneur for 10 years now, I sure wish I came across this podcast years ago!!!! Awesome!!!!
Think Entrepreneurship does not just inspire you to want to start a company or learn how others have been successful, but it inspires to want to improve many areas of your life. Think Entrepreneurship is the up and coming podcast that is taking off to explore that qualities and necessary steps to take an idea from start-up to successful business in a quick and efficient way. You will be sold on this podcast by listening to just the 1st show. Then you will want to continue to listen to all the other episodes.
I've had the privilege to get to know Pete (the host), and he's the real deal when it comes to entrepreneurship! He's running a number of successful businesses, and this perspective gives him the ability to ask great questions of his guests. Well done, and keep up the good work Pete!
Pete is putting out some awesome content through the interviews he's doing. Anybody will be inspired by the fantastic guests on this show. Don't miss this podcast.
Was looking for entrepreneur and business podcasts. Found this podcast... A bonus came with it... Pete's a runner and outdoorsman like me and we're around the same age. Awesome!! Just what I was looking for!!