Reviews For Jason Loves Life Podcast - Helping Your WebComic Live Long and Prosper

Jason does a great job finding interesting people to talk too. It's a warm inviting show that is easy to drop in on. You don't have to listen to every episode to enjoy the show but you can still enjoy every episode.
Offering some left-brain business sense for the right-brain artists. I appreciate the podcast, thanks!
Great show! Jason is the real deal, and he's definitely committed to bringing amazing info to us all.
Hey Bro great show! I just joined a comics creating group here in Los Angeles and I turned them all onto your show. I think you've picked a group of great topics to cover and the one guest that I would like to hear is - Via Skype interview Johnny Alison creator of Scary Go Round. He's been doing web comics for a very long time and its his full time job so I'd like to hear his insights. Anyway great job and thank you for coming up with this idea!
I'm new to creating web comics, so any info on how to make it successful by someone with experience is a blessing. Jason, Can't wait to hear more from you.
Great resource for learning how the backend of comics works! Looking forward to many more topics. Maybe bookkeeping, merch sales, and publishing outlets? Keep up the good work!
Jason is clearly as entrepreneur, love his lifestyle. very jealous of his accomplishments. He offers sage advice.
I just came across Jason's podcast and I can't wait for more! As a cartoonist I'm alway looking for a way to make my business side flow more effectively and that's just what Jason does in his podcast. The list format is nice, starting with "the eight steps to starting your webcomic". Keep them coming Jason!
Jason Love is my husband, so I am a little biased, but I also know all the hard work he has put into creating both the blog and now the podcast. I hope everyone enjoys his efforts and learn a lot to make your WebComic the best it can be.
Thanks for the quality, concise information delievered with high production value. I'm subscribed and looking forward to more.