Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

Reviews For Tales From the Cask Craft Beer Podcast

This is a really enjoyable beer podcast. Chip, Tony
Great show. Always enjoy hearing the latest news, they are very interactive with their listeners, and they consistently have interesting discussions and guests on the show. I look forward to it every week.
I work at a brewery up here in Mass but am from Durham originally. Love hearing about what’s going on down south on my hour long commute. Keep it up! Can’t wait to bring y’all some brews.
Love listening to Chip, Tony and Jen every week. Great insight into beer in North Carolina from the folks at Mims Distributing. Love the news (and love that they let me contribute!). And love trying the beers that they talk about on the show.
Great content overall, especially the news segment. The crew often goes down personal event rabbit holes, which often are not relevant to the topic of beer. The young lady, Jennifer, really wants to be heard, often interrupting Tony and others who are in mid sentence. The crew needs to sound less like MSNBC Hardball, and be more relaxed.
I fell away from podcasts for a few years, and this is the only one I listen to regularly. In fact, I went back and listened to every episode on iTunes (sadly not before episode 32) and the relaxed, comfortable style that Cip, Tony, and Jen have makes it feel like you know them. Always upbeat and informative, this will not be the most critical beer podcast you find - I mean they do all work for a distributor - but I've learned about some amazing beers from them. I enjoy hearing the latest in news and they do a great job of staying in touch with their audience. Maybe most importantly, I really enjoy that Jen provides a female persepctive. Give it a try, you'll be hooked.
Cool hosts, fun listen. Really nice variety of industry guests: brewers, distributors, technology, etc.
My go-to beerCAST.
This is a great show, very entertaining! These guys are so knowledgeable about beer and have some really impressive guests.
Tales From The Cask is always my go-to to learn about new brews & what to try next. Chip, Tony & Jen are a ton of fun, they make it interesting & are very helpful. Absolutely love & highly recommend!
Love this podcast. They talk about beer news and trends and have great guests! They’re funny and informative while maintaining a casual and conversational tone.
These guys know their beer. Great pod cast for people who even think they know all there is to know.
I would definitely be friends with Chip, Jen and Tony. They have grant back and forth and play off each other really well - it makes you feel like you’re there hanging out with them! I’m always impressed with the news section. Their beer knowledge is awesome and I’m learning something new each week. Great show! Definitely worth the listen!
Always interesting and insightful
I was looking for a podcast that would be fun to listen to but also teach me a lot about craft beer when I stumbled on to Tales From the Cask. They have had some pretty impressive guests on the show from the industry. I learn something new in every episode. I am now a loyal listener from California. I always feel proud when they talk about beers that are so local to me as they do often. Cheers to many more episodes!
A great podcast about beer! Very informative.
Very informative podcast!
Spent a number of years in the beer business and still learning new things from these podcasts! Love listening! Great information and lots of fun!
these guys (and girl) are awesome. love hearing about things in Raleigh, and also all the cool/random stuff they know about beer. keep it coming!
Relaxing podcast and great quality. Improves every episode!
Enjoyed it guys! Very informative.
As the craft beer industry grows, it's hard to keep up with what's what. This podcast is great to feel like you are in the know with all of the current brews!
This was one fast-moving hour discussion. The participants were funny and engaging, and the whole proceedings were well paced. Made me want to try all the different styles of Sierra Nevada with them.
Love the beer news and hearing about new beer companies out there -- especially in RI.
Love this weekly podcast. Funny and informative!
This is a very enjoyable beer podcast with the fun and enthused Chip, Jen & Tony! Chip, Jen & Tony obviously love beer and have great guests speak, all of whom are very informative in their delivery of information about a variety of beer styles, brands and flavors!
If you want some interesting info about beer in general, this is a good podcast for you. A little NC focused, but they have some awesome guests. Episode 8 was fantastic.
Love this podcast with Chip, Jen and Tony. Fun interaction while tasting and describing various beers in their "bar". The news is always informative. The guests have been phenomenal, and there is lots of attention paid to a great variety of beer brands, styles, and flavors. If nothing else, the "three questions" posed to each guest is worth the listen for their answers!
One of the best beer podcasts and still improving.
I'm not in NC. They haven't discussed really anything outside of their scene. Obviously friends with Lagunitas guys. Personally, I don't like any of the Laguintas beers, so hearing about them in 2/2 podcasts is not what I'm looking for. News segment is informative, though and they seem to really get along. Keeping them on my podcast list and hoping they learn/talk about beer scenes in other places, like San Diego or Portland.