Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

Reviews For Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

This is the best bedtime podcast I have found. The stories are interesting enough to listen to, but she reads them in a way that is relaxing enough to fall asleep to. Makes me feel like a kid again, when the nice babysitter would read a story. Too bad she doesn’t make them anymore. Thanks for the ones you gave us. Hope you’re well Miette.
Miette, please come back to reading to us. I listen every single night. Your voice is so soothing, I would love to have new episodes to listen to.
I am in love with Miette's humor, story selection, and reading. These are the perfect bedtime readings. Wish there were more.
I am simply addicted. Great story selection read beautifully. Hope MIette becomes super rich so she can read to us nightly =) Miette, cheers from the mountainous suburbs of L.A.
This soothing clear voice and story selections couldn't be better match. Not only do I listen to this podcast at bedtime, but anytime I want to relax. Highly suggested


By SiT1215
This is probably one of my favorite podcasts by far. Great stories that I would probably never read on my own and are told in such a soothing manner. Her voice is like a warm blanket that lulls you to sleep at night. What more could you ask for?
Miette reads classic works of short fiction, imparting just the right tone to both dialog and description. I highly recommend this podcast.
When I hear Miette's voice, I want to curl up under the covers and settle in because I know that a good story is coming my way. No fancy accents, just good literature read well.