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Seriously this is just negative rambling with an obvious agenda to tear down others.


By E 35
What is this guys point.
I'm sure this gentleman has all the right intentions and I'm sure he's a good guy. His arguments, while I might agree slightly, are very weak. I know this ministry very well, and he is drastically miss representing it. I have seen literally hundreds if not thousands of lives changed in the ministry. Homosexuals given their lives to Jesus and turning from their ways. People turning to Jesus and get healed of drug addiction people healed from cancer, Marriages restored the list that I have personally been witness to is huge. By their fruit you will recognize them. I could only listen to 15 minutes, and he makes a mistake in his own argument. He says that we are the only ones to blame for our sin, when the Bible says that sin is in us because of Adam. The last thing I heard from him was that every apostle talked about Sin, my question is did Jesus address their sin? Woman at the well, healing of the blind man, adulterous woman? Nope. Jesus blessed them gave them hope, and healing first and then addressed their sin if he needed to, exactly what Lakewood does. it is the goodness of God leads us to repentance. Typically I don't write reviews, and typically I do not waste my time on someone who is unfortunately not informed. But I would invite this gentlemen to come down and visit Lakewood.
Don't waste your time listening to this wolf disguised in sheeps wool. This man is not preaching God's word, he is a criticizer, he is negative, and he jumps on the bandwagon to truly display his jealousy of better Preachers. As stated before: Joel Osteen is uplifting and positive You sir are criticizing and negative.
Joel Osteen is positive, happy, and uplifting. You are boring, negative, and depressing. A true yourself a favor and keep the negativity to yourself. No one likes it. What's hilarious is your smug condescension. You scoff and look down your nose, but what you don't realize is that it's obviously bitter, obviously jealous, and totally pathetic. Cheer up bro, life is good!
This is not Joel Osteen. SO Let me save you some time this is Tony-Allen as I understand this audio he does agree with Joel. I rather this was listed as Tony-Allen not Joel Osteen.
Tony-Allen provides helpul, insightful, and most importantly, SCRIPTURAL responses to the creepig heresies that are plaguing the church. His research is hard-hitting and honest. If you're looking for a podcast that does its homework on the said topics then this is definitely the one you're looking for.