Earth Destruction Directive

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I believe I recall reading articles by this podcast's host in the late fanzine Kaiju Review. Very enjoyable pod that covers eclectic subject matter. When a new episode arrives you never know if it'll cover a film, a comic, a TV Show, video game, an interview, or a million other things. They're all done well and in an engaging in-depth manner. Even the Hostess ads in Godzilla comics! And the host shares my scorn for Rob Takiguchi. Seriously, a real Japanese family would never raise a kid like that ;)
Love monster movies? Check. Love quirky sci-fi? Check. Love comics? Check. There's lots to love in this podcast, but it really all comes down to this: if you like kaiju movies, creature features, or monster comics you'll love this podcast. Which is why I love this podcast.
I'll confess I was a late arrival to this podcast. I've never been terribly interested in giant monsters and giant robots. But I decided to give the show a try anyway, and I'm very glad I did. I've been having such a good time listening to the reviews and commentary on this show that I've begun to give those old daikaiju films a second look. Well done!
Great podcaster and awesome podcast. If you love gojira, gamera or ultraman this is the podcast for you!!! Johny sokku reviews coming soon.
Of course you do! And since you do, you should be listening to this excellent podcast. Movies, TV, comics ... Godzilla, Ultra-Man, Shogun Warriors, it's all here. And it's all terrific!
Detective Jaconetti may be a cop on the edge, but he is also a Kaiju expert and podcaster supreme. This is a fascinating and fun show for all. Thank you for the great work Sir. Jack Dauer