Reviews For The Voices Of Marketing Podcast: Online Marketing | Blogging | Social Media

Excellent podcast. I just listened to the episode with Andrew Warner and it was really great. Awesome to hear two podcasters talk about their interviewing experience and sharing knowledge with others.
Every time I listen I learn something new. Keep bringing the heat, John!
Love the interviews that John has with marketers of all stripes!
This is a super show on VERY useful tools to implement marketing into your business. Every business needs it! Thanks John!
Love this podcast. A terrific mix and yet balanced with great takeaways. Keep it coming!
I love having a one-stop shop for all things online marketing! Thanks for the fabulous content!
Nice to find a trustworthy source for marketing advice. Awesome!
Wonderful info on marketing
I love listening to shows with great marketing tips - this one has great content and great questions.
John asks great questions and pulls out some really great information from his guests. I have seen some of his guests on other shows, but have heard completely new info here! True value.
Excellent resource for keeping up with all things online. Informative show, great guests!
John is doing a great job with the show. Lots of top notch interviews and keep up the solid work!
Enjoy the material. Thanks.
I’ve been getting good nuggets from John’s show. Keep it up!
The host of this podcast doesn't know all and that is a good thing. It feels like you are learning with him and building a business side by side. Got a lot a great content and tips on commenting and posting blogs.
Great guests and host of this marketing podcast. There's a ton of good content I listen to when I'm on the go so I'm continuously learning and building my online platform. Thank you voices of marketing!
If you are a marketer, or just interested in marketing, then this is the show you need to subscribe to. Great, targeted, useful and actionable information. Thanks so much!
This is a high quality show on marketing. Highly recommended.
Very real and authentic podcast that gives it to you straight!
I need this show… good thing it's so well done and easy to listen to!
The back and forth style is a great fit. This podcast can be used as an educational resource too!
Love this podcast- the host really digs in and gets great answers to his thoughtful questions. I'm learning a lot!
I really wanted to know about solo ads, and learned everything I needed right here. Thanks for such an informative podcast.
John has an amazing ability to ask questions that the listeners want to hear. He is amazing at just asking questions of the fly too. Very young individual with a good brand here! 5 stars!
I have enjoyed listening to several episodes. As a marketer I like keeping pace with the perspective of those around the world and learning what is working for them in their own market. Definitely gets the juices flowing. Great consistency as well. Good job, John!
So glad I stumbled upon this gem! Can't wait for the next episode!
Really enjoying your show. Love the interviews and now going back and checking the older episodes. Looking forward to learning more.
I dig the fact that they’re digging into the meat instead of just dancing around the magic sauce and trying to upsell. :)
This podcast is a great learning tool for me and the interviews are very entertaining as well the latest show is excellent also a great idea.
I enjoy John's style of podcasting about marketing. He is laid back and really presents all of the details that we all really want to know and not just fluff. Thanks John and keep up the good work :-)
I really enjoyed the conversation with Laura Cheek and her new way to date (and I'm married)! John does a nice job of getting to the nitty gritty. Thanks for your hard work.
John takes a fantastic position on marketing. There are many marketing podcasts out there… The Voices of Marketing is one you want to subscribe to. Definitely a needle mover!
John gives great tips to increase your business
John is so genuine and this comes across in his interviews with guests. He seems to have a desire to get out of the way of his guests to let them share their stories. Most show hosts make it all about them. Very cool stuff.
John Shea provides a great foundation on all facets you need to know about to build an online business... it's detailed!
John is an engaging, entertaining host with a wealth of marketing experience. This is a fantastic show to listen to if you want the real scoop!
Great stuff, Very thought-invoking questions. A lot of great guests and info.
Interesting stuff for business owners, sales and marketing professionals.
This format works well in audio form! I find the guests very interesting and the subject matter is educational as well as entertaining. The host interacts well with his guests and asks great questions!!
John's earnest transparency is endearing and I can tell that he really intends to help people use the information his guests so brilliantly share.
Such great knowledge in such a short amount of time and with the people he interviews has been such a great benefit for my business! John is such a down to earth person that is really helping others!
Johns passion to help and support us online entrepreneuers as we loose focus and get distracted is so needed in this interview style show. In fact it feels more like I am eavesdroppoing on a casual chat with inspiring marketers. Keep up the good work!
Great show! Thanks for sharing - content worth listening to!!
My interaction with John pointed me to this Podcast, and it came at exactly the right time. His episoe about Building an online community is something I needed with my new message board, and I think you'll find something for your needs if you check out this Podcast and all of its episodes.
The Voices of Marketing Podcast is now on my must listen list. John has a "normal guy" quality about him that I really relates with, and never feel he is only talking to eventually sell me something. His interview with Andrew Warner of Mixergy was fantastic! I've seen several interviews with Andrew from some of the big boys in podcasting, I can honestly say I learned more things about him that interested me then I have from any other show. Great work John, keep it up, have fun on your way to the top!
Marketing is super important for any business to survive. This podcast gives you the tools you need to excel. Great for any type of business.
I met John through a forum and we became fast friends. I was launching an info-product and he wanted to interview me. Of course I said yes. Having never been interviewed before, John made me feel very comfortable and we came away from the experience with a great rapport and will probably be working together soon. I can vouch for John's character 100%. He definitely knows how to get the most out of the people he interviews for the benefit of the listeners.
John has a down-to-earth conversational style which helps bring the best insights and ideas our from his guests. I learned a number of great tips for hosting an interview from ep. #24 with Andrew Warner of Mixergy. John can enhance his show by adding some helpful info to his intro and outro. John is unquestionably dedicated to help others learn and improve their marketing with this show!