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I just recently came across this podcast and have been working my way through from the beginning. It is absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend it enough.
I began listening to the Peace Revolution in 2015 and credit this podcast for allowing me to fall in love with learning. This podcast has opened my eyes to history and has recommended many books for my consumption that has made the cultures and conflicts that I inherited make more sense to me. This podcast introduced me to a method of thinking (trivium - including logical fallacies) that has added more value to my life than the whole of my public education. I am now able to discern truth from deception and highly recommend you start from the beginning of this podcast and proceed to invest in your own education. I love the approach as there are no commercials which has led to my donating many times and has influenced how I charge my own clients for my work. Saying thank you to Richard Grove, Lisa, and all their colleagues does not suffice, so let me again highly recommend you listen to this life changing and world view shifting podcast and that you in-turn share what you learn with those open to it.
Most people, even most people in alternative media circles, just don't get it. Make no mistake — these guys get it.
There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. This podcast covers them all - things you didn't even know you needed to know are present in abundance. If you're looking to expand your consciousness and understanding of the world around you, you have come to the right place.
Thank you for all you do. For many years, I've known how broken our system is, I've heard and read the scary details, and think how sad it is that so many people have used their power to prop themselves up through corruption and violence. They are so un-human, and have no heart or conscience. Thank you for helping to expose them. As I watched your tribute to George Carlin, I laughed, then cried out loud as I saw what followed. I hope many people view it, think hard about it, and get mad enough to do something about it. I'm doing my part. Thank you for putting that together. Well Done. :) Today we are faced with the greatest challenges of our lives. Thanks to the good work of your podcast, among others like it, plus the many truth seekers out there, more people are becomming aware, and realizing what we've suspected for many years. Our eyes, hearts, and minds are open. Thank you for daring to dig deeper. No matter what happens, we stand together in Peace.
Historical conspiracy.
What a great way to while away the time you spend sitting in traffic…or any other mindless task where you can plug in and have your mind blown. I listened to the whole 19hr JFK episode, and it was engaging except for a boring bit around the 14hr mark. The show notes tell you what is coming up in each segment so you can skip ahead if you don’t like something. Richard Grove has a very relaxing voice to listen to an I like his tag line ‘step out of the confusion and anxiety of everyday life and relax with knowledge, understanding and wisdom’ His monologues are great, this guy is a real smart dude and I am grateful he has shared his passion with us plebs.
Exciting podcast that makes you think, in fact, it actively pushes you to think. On occasion the podcasts reach 8 hours, so strap in and enjoy!
Really great. This podcast is one of the best I've found. The episodes are long and may seem daunting to some but so rewarding after you get into them. Truly amazing actually. At the beginning of each episode the host suggests that the show is a "chance to step out of the confusion and anxiety of everyday life and relax with knowledge, understanding and wisdom". And they indeed come through with this promise by providing content that addresses eternal questions, provides tools for comprehension and analysis of our current state. All with a positive and solutions oriented approach. Highly, highly recommended.
The podcasts found here can have a world of information that you never knew existed before. The subject matter ranges all over the place, but peace and freedom are nearly constant. Richard and the other members of the Tragedy and Hope community are excellent guides for the journey these episodes take. I don't always agree with the information presented, but even when I do disagree, I still learn something, so my time has never felt wasted. The episode featuring Mae Brussell did push my limits, but I still appreciated the time and effort Richard took to present this information.
Long, somewhat terrifying and detailed, but if the length and seriousness gets to you one can balance this with a little of the freedom feens podcast. The information here is absolutely required if you want to have any kind of a chance of understanding how society works. But know this going into it, "the difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense." Most of this stuff will come across as bizarre to anyone with a typical education.