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Reviews For Uplifting Only — The Radio Podcast

Thanks for years of great music. You podcast has blessed my life. Thanks ori and team.
Ori Uplift consistently creates uplifting shows! Thanks dude!
Thanks for getting back in touch Harpaul…I was thinking you’re a 1 man operation. These tracks are very inspiring :)
Despite my busy schedule,I MUST set aside 2 hours every thursday 2 join the event and tune in with the #AboraFamily to what I term my "weekly indulgence". His track selection is only thr finest in orchestral uplifting trance and remains true to the form for over 2 years. And I don't quite get DJ X's comment. Of every Label owner I know as a record label owner myself, even since I was a fan and DJ, he was responsive to every msg, email, twitter, FB chat, and that's what earned my respect. Ever heard of Google? Thx OriUplift 4 keepin' it real & kep doing whatcha do best... bringing meaningful music to the masses! -aj
Nonstop remixes by the best source for uplifting trance music. Perfect for long travels, tasks,homework, or to just jam out. Great place to find out what's new in the uplifting trance genre. Thank you Ori Uplift!
Some of the best music out there. All the tracks are just beautiful. The mix is put together nicely.