Reviews For The Head Trash Show with Alexia Leachman

I had a lot of little problems right when a huge transition came and I had so much head trash that I could not think. Then I found this and it changed the direction of my life.
I stumbled across this podcast and love it! I have used the technique for two very different "head trash" issues and both seemed to work very well. I love that it is simple and quick and outcome driven. Check it out!


By Pemc67
Excellent!!! This is by far the best self-help podcast out there!!!!
Great show and topic, Tips that help us get out of that negative head space. So important for our health and happiness. Thank you!
I have lots of head trash! Love to learn new ways to get rid of it. Great podcast, valuable informatoin presented in a fun way. Great job!
I love the creative spin that Alexia gives to the topic of Monkey Mind! The Head Trash Show has great techniques for curbing all things negative! Great podcast!
We all battle head trash - trash talk to ourselves that holds us back from our biggest desires, dreams, successes and living the life we truly want!! Alexia will help Push through this, learn to listen to yourself and how to navigate your mind to achieve success. SO excited to hear more -- keep 'em coming Alexia!
I love the practical tips and the stories that support the tips. Look forward to future episodes.