Reviews For Justin, Scott and Spiegel Show Highlights

Haven’t lived in Maryland for over 3 years now but still love listening to these guys, they’re absolutely hilarious. Just wish the bits they uploaded were longer, 15 minutes feels really short
Long haul trucker who grew up in Columbia, MD. Best morning show in all mainland 48. I’m so glad I can take a little bit of home out with me. Y’all keep me laughing and I’m so glad I don’t have too miss your show.
I love to listen on my way to work to keep my mind off the terrible commute. Works and sometimes I wish the drive was longer so I can keep listening!! Sleep exclusive has me literally laughing out loud in the car and I better stop with the coffee because I just might pee myself!
Moved away from Baltimore to KY, still can't get enough. Just wish they could podcast the whole show
Best morning show out there. Nothing better
I would give these guys 10 stars if possible. They'll have you laughing so hard you cry. Great way to deal with morning rush hour and work. Best show ever!
Don't just respond with lol but you will literally lol!
I moved to CO and I still listen