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But let’s stop saying that Kiss was ever the biggest band in the world. That was never the case. Zeppelin and Floyd were far bigger than Kiss during the peak period of Kiss. Kiss wasn’t even the biggest band in the U.S. at that time. Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles were much bigger also. Kiss never had diamond or double diamond albums. And they never made the type of money that those four bands did.
Absolutely the best kiss podcast out there. Love listening to Joe, Jodi, and Sonny joking around and talking about kiss. They are not only true kiss fans but they also know their stuff (I’m looking at you Sonny) without being condescending like some other podcast out there. I will just say it... like the guys at 3 sides of the coin (boring!). As a life long kiss fan, at 37 years old, I have missed most of kisstory and have only been able to “live” most of it by second hand account; and so I relish listening to these guys, week after week, sharing their first hand experience, weekly news, and their uttermost passion for all things kiss.
I listen to several music podcasts, including other Kiss podcasts, and this is easily one of my favorites. I look forward to each new episode and always have a good time listening. These guys have great chemistry and play off each other really well. They are funny, good-natured, and I always learn something new during each episode. Thanks guys--keep up the great work!
Probably the funnest KISS Podcast out there, all stellar individuals that have a great collective chemistry and the best topics.
I’m late to the party, but you have a great thing going here. Great KISS content and lots of laughs!
Love these guys! Great Kiss content from Great Kiss fans. Very entertaining and funny. Makes Me want to hang out with these guys and talk Kiss. Please subscribe to this PODCAST!!!!!
I love this podcast! A must listen for KISS fans!!
I love hearing Joe, Jody and Sonny talk about everything KISS related every week. They put a lot of heart and humor into every show. KISS should put these guys on their payroll b/c I probably would not have gone to the 2019 shows if I was not listening to PRC. I wouldn’t have re-visited Unmasked or Dynasty either. Suggested topic: KISS opens a theme park after the End of the Road—discuss!
PRC was the first podcast that I ever got into. I love their KISS topics and their various opinions. Joe is the ringleader and bleeds Kiss and it shows. Sonny is the resident music genius and Jody adds his cool vibe to complete the trifecta. Put PRC on your podcast rotation and you will love it!!! Zeus from Shout It Out Loudcast.
I’ve listened to these guys forever, but just got back to iPhone so I could leave a review here. They are true fans of THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD, and make you feel like you are just sitting around a table having a conversation (or argument) with them. I truly look forward to new episodes popping up. Thanks guys, and Joe, she’s too pretty for you.
Thanks for the wonderful podcast. I look forward every week to what you all have to say. I especially love the imaginative set list creations! 🤘🏻😎🍻 I hope to see you all at the Indy Expo! 'The Mooger Fooger'
You guys always make my workday go faster when i listen to the shows and this one is no different fun fresh entertaining. i enjoy the interview with Leigh Westee and i remember hearing her when i was able to listen to the first few shows and its a PRC throw back thursday kinda day today as I am listening to old shows today so i can get the info and laughs you guys provide. Getting to meet you all at the Rock n Pod expo was to me a very cool experience and look forward to RnP2. but as always you guys ROCK and keep up the great work!!!!! David (77knighthawk on Twitter) from Nashville TN
The Boys have done it again! (And the girls pitched in at the end.) Fantastic re-telling of the Vinnie Vincent KISS Expo, everything from the good times to the long lines. Great format; round table to start the show, then some field recordings/interviews with some KISS Podcast Heavyweights. Keep up the stellar work!
Lots of fun with some great topics.
I listen to a lot of music-based and KISS-centric podcasts and I can’t believe this one has been flying under my radar all this time. The hosts are passionate, knowledgeable and entertaining and they come up with great KISS topics to discuss each week. A must listen for any fan of the hottest band in the world.
Katelynn is a natural podcaster! Bring her back soon!
Always like the KISS podcasts but these guys do it in an entertaining and fun way.
Big fan of this show and these guys. I subscribe to the podcast and their extra’s show and they never disappoint. Sweet 16 was fun to play and always fun to listen to. And…. You must bring back Kiss Family Feud. That was a winner. Peace!
Look forward to meeting you at the Nashville Rock N' Pod👍🏻
Always enjoy listening to the show, it is always on point.
I've listened to PRC since day one and always look forward to new episodes. I've enjoyed every incarnation of the band and didn't get too upset when D-Rock reinterpreted Andrew KISS' opinions on subjects. Sonny Pooni is a great addition but it's taking me a little while to adapt to him wearing Andrew's makeup. Great show though!
Just found this podcast a couple of months ago so I can tell that I've missed a ton of cool past discussions. As a major KISS fan from back in the 70s, it has really caused me to go back and rediscover/appreciate just how insanely great and deep KISSs body of work really is. Btw--have to chime in w/ my preferred track listing for the KISS solo combo record if it were collapsed into one amazingly solid KISS record.. Side 1 1) Rip It Out 2) Tonight You Belong to Me 3) Snow Blind 4) I'm In Need of Love 5) Tunnel of Love 6) Wouldn't You Like to Know Me Side 2 1) It's Alright 2) Wiped-Out 3) Ain't Quite Right 4) See You Tonite 5) Love in Chains 6) Fractured Mirror
I found this podcast recently and have been binging deep ever since then. I love the guys and the quality of the sound and opinions. Very thought out but also very fun and easy to follow and enjoy. If you're a fan of KISS then subscribe and write a review. These guys a re awesome!
I'll see you guys at the Expo!
I listen to every KISS podcast. Joe and Jody have moved this podcast into the categories number one slot. They bring the news, periodic guest, the games ( Sweet 16 is the best), and just that " talking with friends" vibe that makes podcast great. I only wish it could be a daytime talk show, so it could be watched and attended. Hey, can we get this on a daily schedule? That would be great!!


A lifelong Kiss fan through ups and downs, ins and outs . For good or bad those fools are ours and we love em. To listen to PRC go through material , members, and memories raises a flag to the top every time - . Great job guys! ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Fun, informative and down to earth! Feel like I'm listening to my buddies! Keep up the great work. Dave Rotondi
I'm a long time KISS ARMY fan and listening to you guys is my new favorite thing to do at work. It's so entertaining and real, as well as, informative. Never stop guys!
Have you been "Dreamin'" of a "Hotter Than Hell" Kiss podcast? Then you have "Got To Choose" the Podcast Rock City Podcast. "While the City Sleeps" these guys are awake trying to figure out "What Makes The World Go 'Round". Not in the last "100,000 years" has there been such "Larger Than Life" Kiss fans. These guys know the really obsecure knowledge...all the "Rock and Roll Hell" that is Kiss. So, no more waiting for "Tomorrow", time is tonight to give these guys a chance. You will be "Forever" satisfied. Keep up the great work guys! Sonny Pooni
Knowledgeable fans. Jody says things I've thought for years.
Awesome show about our favorite band Kiss!! By fans for fans!!!!
Short and sweet: this is a great weekly listen! If you love KISS and discussions around "what if" scenarios; this is the one for you. What I like the most about this show is the sincerity and passion that comes across from the hosts. Joe and Jody are real and genuine. Dudes that you just want to hang out with and talk music (KISS, punk rock, whatever...). If you are here reading reviews before taking a listen; stop now and click on an episode. You won't be disappointed! Cheers guys (see you on the boat Joe!), Kevin Williams
are you ready to turn right!!!!
Awesome show... Joe, Jody, Andrew and everyone else involved do an excellent job. No negative talk about the fans (unlike another Kiss podcast that has 3 hosts), just lots of entertaning KISS talk.
I love Podcast Rock City because these guys hold no punches as fans (or humans) and waste litlle time trying to convince you they are experts per se, just fans willing to ponder the vast reaches of KISStory without a net ...they're our rock n roll party! -KISStorian Dave
These three are a lot of fun to listen to. Really cool guys that do a great job of just making great conversation about Kiss. Love this podcast!
I just recently stumbled upon these guys but and they really take me back to good old days. Props to Jody for admitting he likes "Trial By Fire", on one of his shows because I thought I was the only one. Pretty sure that means we're 3rd cousins.
Great show! A KISS fans dream no matter what era you like. Great chemistry with the hosts and always a fun listen!
It's weekly. It's free. It's informative. It's funny. It's interesting. I look forward to these shows. Joe Polo, Jody Havenot and Andrew Kiss (yes, that's his real last name) don't take themselves too seriously but they do take themselves seriously enough to put out a very good, five star show each week. Subscribe and listen to this show and you'll be happy you did. You're a KISS fan or else you wouldn't be reading this review. Subscribe! It's for you man, this is your scene, bro. Do it!!
Love the Podcast!!
Love the podcast. Keep it up fellas!
Different topics and excellent discussion. Pay attention KISS fans, this show is a winner.
A podcast all about Kiss ??? ....yes please !!! Joe Polo is a great host with a positive attitude. No yelling or arguing, just the facts on the latest Kiss news from the hottest band in the world. You wanted the best, you got the best, The hottest podcast on the net....Podcast Rock City !!!
I like the slant and the fact that it is condensed!
Great topics
Good length. Gets right to the point.
a great way to help the day go bye this podcast rocks !