Reviews For ED ECMO

I’m glad I came across the podcast, out of sheer curiosity, on the topic of ECMO. As a perfusionist for nearly eight years, I really appreciate the podcast hosts perspective on this crucial care modality. I try to be a lifetime learner and I am open to learning something new. Keep these podcasts going; which with the ever evolving discipline of medicine, there will always be something new to discuss. Also, is there a way to get the first half of the earlier podcasts? Seems like Itunes is only post episode 28 and up; I don’t mind if the earlier ones may be outdated information. Some thought processes and strategies may be timeless. Thanks
What a great podcast full of detailed and thoughtful information.
I really appreciated the insight offered by Drs. Bellezzo, Shiner and Weingart. Very clear, direct and compelling.
Presented so that even students could understand and follow
Great info on a life saving technique. Check it out!
Very educational and informative. Amazing.
Hopefully this will be the ultimate resource for ECPR and advanced resuscitation
One of the best medical podcasts. Dr. Bellezzo has a bright future in educating us all.
This is amazing stuff. Save lives boys.
really awesome info.
I have had the opportunity to work in numerous ERs from Midwest, East coast, and Southern California as an ER nurse and never have I experienced anything as amazing as ECMO being initiated in the ER environment. I'm thrilled to be part of this experience.