Reviews For The Midpack Podcast - A Running Podcast

Race directors should add reminders to runners especially in large events, If you stop, walk, take pictures, move all the way to one side. Don't run 3-5 people together/across. No one likes to bob and weave their way through...share the road. Never abruptly stop (just like a car pull over and out of the way) Nothing wrong with running 10 minute miles but don't get in a corral with 7 minute milers Ran the Wharf to Wharf last year halfway through mile one people who started withe the 6 minute milers were walking?? and that is my rant................
Bill records his podcast on the go and you never know what he's going to be doing when he is recording. Unfortunately the sound quality suffers in the process. If only his voice was the same volume as the intro music. I do like that he reports on the marathons he runs and how he has trained for them. But many times the podcast lacks focus and I'm not sure what my takeaway should be.
Bill does a really nice job with his podcast. I really relate to his stories about setting goals, the journey that comes with trying to reach those goals, and how running ties into life in so many ways. Somehow he manages to pull this off as a solo podcast, something not many can do (although I think Jamie should make a guest appearance at some point in time!). His talk about his experience with the Hanson's marathon method led to me giving it a shot and using it to break 4 hours in a marathon while I had failed to meet this goal previously. I really enjoyed the running with the pack podcast until it ended and luckily have been able to replace it with this one!


By Ogoya
Always happy to find a running podcast. Even better finding one I will come back to. Great advice for someone like me who is also chasing that age group award.
There are tons of running podcasts out there but I always smile when my phone tells me a new Midpack episode is available. The host is relatable with his every man approach to both running and his show. I enjoy hearing about how his training is going and laugh out loud at some of his observations. Something as simple as him flipping through the new Runners World magazine ends up being a very fun listen.
As a fellow mid packer it is enjoyable to listen to Bill describe challenges, thrills, and pain each of us face while training and running. The podcast is great to listen to while running because his delivery is that of a running partner on a run with you.