Reviews For O'MearaCast

I love this weekly review of all the shows from the TMOS network. Most often or not, I run out of time trying to listen to all these shows but Marcus and his guest hosts do a splendid job of recanting and highlighting the prior weeks shows. It is a fun listen.
Marcus prepares a very entertaining show always. He has insights into the shows and this show always delivers complelling and entertaining content. If you enjoy the shows of MORE Broadcasting you must llisten to this show!!!
Welcome back.
I've tried this show a couple different times, essentially only because of the occasional reference to it on TMOS. I just CANNOT stand it though. It's not the content mind you... It's Marcus Certa's unrelenting DJ "puking". It's sooooo over the top and I just can't stomach it. Ugh! Stick to serving your biggest fan, Marcus....yourself.
Good job and the show and advertisements. Steve is funny, but you are the engine that keeps the laughs going and its a Great wrap up of all The shows. You have helped me check back in and resubscribe with the rest of the TMOS shows listening to your show. Keep up the great work.
Never have been a fan of the 'show about a show,' mostly because I never liked the Howard recap shows and I assumed this would be akin to that...boy I was wrong. I am pleasantly surprised with the content and that it isn't just a 'clip and comment' show, but that it is so much more. Thanks for your work, Marcus!
TMOS fans will love this podcast, They do such a remarkeably good job of summarizing the weeks shows, pointing out the highlights and allowing you to feel like your in the experience. No hack here, this is well made and tight. Great Job..!
Marcus puts his spin on what he has heard from all the TMOS shows. I love to hear his take on them.
Under the smoke screen that they talk about other shows in the MORE network, they really just take the time to trash the other podcasts.
So here's the deal. I liked Omearacast because I got to hear Certa and Murmlestein and various listeners chat about TMOS. Like most P1s I listen to every episode of TMOS. I don't need to listen to a bunch of random clips of TMOS shows I've already heard. I'm more interested in hearing commentary from the hosts and listeners. I like listening to almost all the TMOS shows but it's starting to feel like you're jamming clips from every show on the network into every episode. How about you spend 75% of the show talking about what happened on TMOS and then just highlight one or two extra shows per episode? Or maybe designate a 5 minute portion of the show where you play a string of clips from each show? My complaint is that your show is just becoming a clip show without the listener feedback and commentary that makes your show interesting. Thanks for all you do Certa and bring back the funny!


mike o'meara backs another winner.
I've tried to listen to O'meara Cast before and did not enjoy it nearly as much as I have the last few episodes. The host is good but has a tendency to make the show about how it makes him feel instead of a review of the TMOS family. I like the show but more highlights and less talk from the Host is a better format for me. I'll continue to listen as long as the format is the way has been the last few shows


By cmdace
Love to see you guys back and better than ever. Keep it up. Just like the pitsa keep on trucking!
Marcus Certa & Guests fill us listener in in the highlights of the MOAR network shows. It's very entertaining, and snarky fun. Good audio quality, with good chemistry with week after week of fun guests (p-one fans) of the MOAR network shows. Thanks Marcus for a fun filled Hour of recap.
Marcus Certa does a wondrous job keeping tabs on and offering insight on ALL the shows under the MORE umbrella. “Have you ever received a compliment?"
I wish all the networks had a show like this. MORE Network class act.
The show has evolved nicely. The mix of new guests with some consistent hosts brings an edge to each show. Love the expanding conversation about MORE Broadcasting.
Held off on this podcast for sometime. Needing something to listen to, I gave it a shot and have not looked back!!! Very, very enjoyable!! Keep it up guys...
This show about a show has it all. A great host, the funny, fan input, well put together clips and good production value. Marcus really shows how it should be done and brings it every week! Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
And it's fabulous.
Fans of TMOS should turn into superfan Marcus Certa as he gets to know the fans of The Mike O'Meara Show.