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Always a good time.


Every time I see a new list pop up I am overcome with delight. Soooo much fun.
I just listened to Top 5 Underrated Actors. % is a magic number big enough to give an idea of the varied tastes of the hosts but small enough to keep the conversation and show moving without a drag. Loved the intro song and the exit music and all the banter in between. The host should be careful about including Viggo Mortensen in an underrated list but risk is what keeps this show interesting. Keep going and post links to lists of all the things mentioned.
Great reviews by guys I would want to watch movies with. Straight, no chaser. A must subscribe podcast!
Rowdy, Roddy!
This is awesome!! Best podcast ever!!!
I'm no movie buff, and I love this podcast. Its not full of pompous nonsense. I feel like I'm listening to a couple of good friends talk about movies. It makes my hour commute home fly by.