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Basically everything I know about television is from this podcast.
If making fart noises illustrates wit and intelligence, then these reviews illustrate those qualities. However, the hosts are neither. Instead they annoy with their hubristic ignorance and juvenile banter.
This show is like having a night with the smartest people you know talking about TV and then playing games about TV! With a cast that is majority Canadian and a good amount of listener participation, what’s not to like?
While I admired the snarky tone of Television Without Pity, that tone doesn’t necessarily translate to an audio medium. Most of the segments are difficult to listen to because the hosts are so underinformed and intent on being clever than insightful. This podcast turned out to be a real disappointment.
I like this show and have upped my review of a few years ago from 3 to 4 stars. The only thing I really don’t like about the show is Sarah Bunting. I find her personality harsh and grating compared to easygoing Tara & Dave and their many fun valued guests. (I know she’s a core part of the show so it’s not like she’s going anywhere, but I wouldn’t miss her if she suddenly couldn’t do the show anymore).
arrogant, elitist, and guess what? i don’t care one ounce about your personal life...
Tara, Sarah & Dave and their valued guests offer insightful and funny views on TV and pop culture. Their opinions are thoughtful, insightful and also very funny. The three hosts plus their guest allow for an array of perspectives to guide the listener to just the right program. An invaluable service considering the amount of media available.
I never miss this show. I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV but this helps me know what’s out there, what I should be watching, or what I could probably miss. The hosts are hilarious, sharp, insightful, and call out BS when they see it. Game Time that closes out every episode always eases my long commute. I’d give 6 stars if I could.
I’ve been fans of the hosts since TWOP, and this is a great way to get a weekly dose of their humor. My favorite section is Game Time, because I love playing along. My only complaint is that the episodes are a big time commitment, so I will sometimes skip if I’m not interested in the main topic and/or the canon submission.
I was so happy to be bingeing after a couple of years away--I missed, missed, missed EHG, especially Sarah. But Tara running down Planned Parenthood and the whole team generally being annoyed when #metoo enters a show's plot (SORRY TO ANNOY YOU WITH OUR SURVIVOR PAIN!) convinced me that the show is still too misogynist for me. Then a friend explained the whole Deborah Messing situation and I started to understand that this is a Troll-Farm-Trained Bernie Becky scenario. Tara, I hope you'll be able to work though your own pain without taking it out on female activists, because you're causing real harm.
These guys are great, the guests are great. Very smart and funny, I never miss it. Plus, they have great audio clips and games!
Huge fan since the early days of the Mark One podcast. I feel Dave, Tara, and Sara are my good friends and soulmates in pop culture. They have the best takes on every new and current show and have the best games every episode. I am so grateful for you. I tell everyone about EHG. Thanks gang.
I've been a listener for a while now, but due to life circumstances have been bingeing the back catalog. It's so much fun, will keep you updated and aware of all things tv. The level of snark and humor is great, and balanced out by the obvious affection of the longtime friends. Thanks for helping me through a rough time.
This podcast makes me laugh every week. I love the banter and quick wit of the hosts and guests. Game time is my favorite segment, but I also love any “I am not a crackpot” rants. Thanks for being a consistent highlight of my weekly commute.


listening to these people talk about drag queens is so painful 🤮
you brought me joy in the pre-holiday podcast where Dave laughed so hard he lost it and Tara suggested she and Sarah just talk through him until he burns himself out. I had to keep both hands on the wheel because I was laughing along. happy new year voices-I-love.
I look forward to Wednesdays when this podcast drops. I am obsessed with TV, so this podcast is right up my alley. The hosts are all very funny, smart and snarky. If you're at all interested in TV or pop culture, check this podcast out! Also, game time! Fun games at the end of each episode.
I love listening to these smart and funny folks talk about TV shows -- even when I've never seen them, which is quite a feat! Their insights, rapport, and easy frienships are fun to listen to. And they've turned me on to a number of great shows I might otherwise have overlooked. Even game time, which I used to skp, has grown on me, as I appreciate the inside jokes that have emerged.
I love EHG so much. The banter and combination of appreciation mixed with side-eye disdain for the ridiculousness of television and pop culture is joyous to behold. In the canon of pop culture podcasts, EHG should be at the top of the list!
So great!! Tara and Sara are by far my favorite podcast personalities of all time!! I listen to all of the previously.tv stuff. I only wish they updated more than once a week!!
I've been listening since the podcast was first launched back in 2011 or so. After 89 episodes or so, they took a break and started their numbering over. I've heard them all. Even when I don't follow the shows they are discussing (Drag Race), it's entertaining. I miss when they used to talk about movies too, but ah well.
The ramblings of people who have no true understanding of art, pop culture, or how to offer any meaningful analysis. Nothing but snark and ignorance.
Anyone who enjoys "peak TV," or even crappy TV, should listen to this podcast weekly.
This is one of my standby podcasts, I listen to them almost immediately. The only problem is that it can feel a little "insidery" given how many jokes are baked into the mix.


Far and away the best podcast of it's kind.
I love to listen to Tara, Dave, and Sarah talk about television every week. They have a great list of items that keep their show interesting. Will an episode get into the Cannon? Will Tara win Gametime? Can I be the Valued Guest next week? I wish I could "fly to England" and watch tv series ahead of time. There tastes are diverse and idiosyncratic. I may not always agree, but I laugh and play along.
A great TV review podcast that tells it like it is, and is always fun and funny in the process. From the people who brought you Television Without Pity.
I look forward to this podcast every week since I discovered it last year (thanks to Linda Holmes' plug on PCHH). As a TV junkie with a significant other who doesn't understand my obsession with with pop culture, I feel like I found my people.
What more could you want. The variety of ways they discuss TV is engaging and fun. the Canon, Gametime deep dives etc. Why is 17 spread eagle!? Best pod on the net.
All the segments are great and so entertaining!
I have been listening for the last two years and it has improved the quality of my life! I've learned about awesome new shows, they've helped me with what to skip (since I share their opinions most of the time, so I trust 'em!) and the show is broken up into easily digestible segments such as what's coming back to TV, immortalizing classic TV episodes of all genres into "The Canon," and a new game every week that is entertaining and easy to play along w at home. you'll wonder where the last hour went! I feel like I know Tara, Dave, and Sarah- their relationships with each other plus their willingness to be completely honest about the landscape of TV today makes this a really special and excellent piece of pop culture. Thank you EHG!!!!!!!
Please ignore the mean comments bashing Sarah and Tara. Everyone on the show is great, I love hearing you guys every week.
I look forward to every second of your podcasts (all of them!) The best I've ever listened to.
I look forward to this podcast every week. The topics they choose are interesting and the games are fun to play along with the cast. Keep up the great work!
On the technical side, this podcast is produced, paced and organized so well that listening to it is effortlessly enjoyable. The panelists are incredibly smart, knowledgeable, funny, and thoughtful about TV. They've all been writing about television for years and are great at calling out tropes and patterns in a hilarious way. The fact that they are all long-time friends really makes this podcast a fun, cozy listen.
Totally enjoy the show every week, but Kim Reed's epic mini return this week was the best! And she won game time! Thanks to all of you for making me laugh and rationalizing my tv habit!
EHG (and its predecessors) is a longtime favorite. People in the park probably wonder why I'm shouting "Benson" at my dog. The dog is just psyched that she's guaranteed a solid 90 minute walk. Thanks to EHG and the many valued guests for hours of Tv-based fun.
If you are looking for intelligent commentary, then try some other podcast
I don't listen to the minis, but I love the main show. I sometimes skip the canon entries for shows I don't know, but EHG makes that so easy with their minute-by-minute episode information, which is so excellent. Seriously. Must-listen for pop culture heads.
Extra Hot Great is the pop-culture podcast that all other similar podcasts should be measured against. It manages to be relaxed yet structured, hilarious yet informative, casual yet well-researched. Sarah Bunting is my spirit animal but I love all of the hosts and their smart, well-spoken stable of guests. It's a highlight of my week.
Long live Glark, Wing & Sars.
Hilarious and whip-smart. So enjoyable that I spend extra time exercising or cleaning up the kitchen to keep listening.
Love this podcast! Informative and funny. EGH is the total and complete opposite of the horrible hot mess of jazz.
Did I give you a Tina Turner earworm? I hope so. EHG is the best pop culture (specifically TV) podcast you can find. I sometimes listen to an episode more than once, and go back to old faves when I need a pick-me-up. Tara, Dave, and especially Sarah are the best (I miss Joe SO MUCH) podcast hosts you could hope for, and I really enjoy most of their valued guests, too. Give this one a try!
One of the few podcasts I listen to regularly. Lots of fun.
the cavalier antipathy towards jazz comes off as ignorant and racist.
This podcast is like sitting around and talking about TV with your smart, funny friends once a week. The highlight of each episode of definitely Game Time, where you can test your knowledge of TV. It's as fun to play along with as it is to listen to. Love it!
EHG is my favorite podcast, period, because I feel like it hits all my sweet spots. First, it's about TV, the most important topic of our time, obviously. Second, the hosts are so fun and strike a good balance with each other in terms of interest/expertise areas, personality types, etc. Third, the recurring segments and weekly featured segments are well-considered and fun. I love Game Time, of course, but I also think things like Around the Dial and Winner/Loser of the Week are great ways to cover a wide swath of stuff in the era of Peak TV. Which leads right into perhaps the most important feature of EHG for me, which is the organization and production. After trying out so many podcasts that feel like they consist of 120 minutes of aimless rambling and circular conversation, I so appreciate that the episodes are well-managed and predictable in terms of which segment will lead to the next, and that each segment is listed with timecodes, so if there is a show that I don't want to be spoiled on (for example), I can easily skip that part. Never, ever leave me, EHG.
Really, if you are not listening to this podcast, you probably don't love television? So how much is your opinion worth anyhow? But my opinion is priceless, and there's nobody else I look forward to listening to more than this bunch of impossibly informed, achingly funny, insane group of friends.