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This podcast is a great listen no matter your interests. Patrick and Dad have a great chemistry and you can tell they really get each other. They will cover any and all comics from superman to Japanese manga. Highly recommend as an entertainment listen.
This podcast should be required listening to anyone who is a comic book reader that doesn't get how the rest of the world doesn't relate to your awesome reading habits OR for the person who doesn't understand comics but has someone in their life that loves them. Patrick and Dad do a great job of bridging what is almost a cultural divide via the power of treats and comics. This show has a great premise and I genuinely look forward to each new episode and love to hear life updates as they dig into something Nerdy and awesome in the world of Comics. as well as any and every possible Dad/Patrick Tangent.
Great podcast. Been binging since I discovered it a few weeks ago.
Patrick and Dad are great. I look forward to my Monday's at work so I can listen to Dad be goofy and Patrick be patient. It is a fun listen about comics but it is mostly about a father and son... really great
I've been listening for about a year and have been binging through the episodes. I really enjoy listening to Dad's explanations. Patrick tries so hard to keep him on track. What I like is that this podcast encompasses more than the traditional superhero comics.
It's a really funny show and very easily relatable. You have to try at least one episode!
Awesome show talking about comics great name for a show


By LeoYL
Stumbled upon your show and you started by talking about your sister's surgery. It's crazy. You have the father-son relationship that I'll never have with my dad. And your spirit is inspiring. I wish all the luck on your family's health and happiness.
I couldn't care less about comic books/graphic novels. I've picked up one or two in my 30 years of life and never got more than a few pages in, but I love this podcast! And that's the beauty of it! Dad brings the perspective of someone who's never read a comic before (though he has become more knowledgeable over the years) and Patrick is your typical comic book nerd. It's the best of both worlds! You can't beat that!
The premise alone is entertaining, but it's interesting to listen to over time as Dad begins to understand his son's love of comics, allowing them to connect on a whole new level. It's a frequently funny family journey, and you might learn something about comics, too.
Patrick and Dad take a look at a wide range of comics in a sometimes futile effort to show Dad what the medium means to his son. Sometimes it works, other times it fails, but it always succeeds to entertain. And you can definitely tell that through the frustration that the duo put each other...through, Dad and Patrick have a genuine love and respect for each other. An excellent listen.
Finding a good podcast on Reddit can be a crapshoot, but I am so glad I took a chance on Make Dad Read Comics. Patrick and his Dad are so funny and so entertaining to listen to as he tries so hard to make his ex-cop Dad understand the decades-long intracacies of comic book mythologies. There's a lot of warmth and heart here as well and it's great to see two people in a family express this much genuine love and effection for eachother. Nothing forced here, these guys are for real!
I like the interaction on the show as Patrick tries to explain comics to his dad over and over again. Very humorous.
Decided to kick things off with Ep. 24 and some Spiderman ridiculousness. I am still cracking up at your dad's reactions to Spiderman being locked up in Doc Ock's mind or the dissolution of Peter Parker's marriage. This is a great concept for a podcast, and well-executed!
Nerdy and different - bringing someone from an older generation into a culture so rich in storytelling. So interesting seeing pop culture through different eyes.
I am very new to comic books and appreciate these guy's prespectives. Listening to podcasts on comics I am familiar with and brand new stuff, is great. Discovering new comic content is exactly what I want.
The father/son relationship is really endearing, and the content is interesting even for non comic book readers.
A wonderful show of a Son and Dad team who are sharing in the son's passion for comics and document for our listening pleasure. A great listen.
Great podcast! I'm starting to suspect that after 75 episodes that the dad doesn't much mind being read to.. But that's the magic this podcast provides! Great show and keep it up! party roll
Such a good podcast. Listening as a son introduces his father to something he loves is a great time. Especially when he has to carefully explain 70+ years of lore to his father. Fantastic.
This podcast really hits you in the heart with how this father and son bond over an interest. It's more than just entertaining to hear two VERY different perspectives on comic books, but to get a dose of history and understanding, too. This podcast has one of the best concepts out there. 5 stars.
This is such a fun concept. I love you guys. I'm giving you 5 stars even though you said "with further ado" instead of "without."
Comics are the best. I am on my way through the backlog in an attempt to find more books that I am familiar with cause I have a feeling that would be great. Patrick is the best! People talking about stuff that they don't really know about is great.
The concept is hilarious. Very, very funny.
This is such a unique idea for a show. In a way, the listener can fill the shoes of the dad, learning about the comics from a fresh pair of eyes. They also are great at filling you in on the writing and art on the comics reviewed.
Such a fun show. The concept is brilliant and both of these guys have great personality. Where this podcast really shines is in the dynamic between father and son. Listening to the two of them is fascinating and sometimes even heart warming.
Pairing up two generations, one younger and long time reader, one much older and newbie is clever. Funny Show just wish was longer and they spent more time on a subject.
Very funny podcast, with a hint of father and son sweetness. Like the pairing of a vet comic reader trying to get someone new to the comic scene interested via a crash course in comics.
Awesome. Funny and interesting. Keep it up!
It feels like I have known you guys all my life.