Reviews For PodSlash

Funny, smart, informative, and really fun and enjoyable to listen to. While I do wish they would upload more often, I'm always super happy when I see a new episode in my feed. Keep up the good work!
Listened to one, and decided to try Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as my second. They made so many errors, I gave up halfway through. Not knowing the truck they played chicken with was the same one on bridge? Thinking Drayton said “oh my achin’ banana” instead of the chainsaw store owner? Ugh...
I really enjoy Podslash but 8 months is too long! I literally took a double take when I saw the new episode! Keep them coming!
Love this podcast and they cover great movies.😻
Who listens to these 2 idiots? Sorry but really they talk as if they were born yesterday and have no absolute common sense. There are things they say or question that I just feel I waste my time listening to. Really? You don’t know why ... they seem really young and don’t know much about life that they can relate to as they talk about the movie.
Do you love listening to people be super negative about the tiniest of details? Then this podcast is for you.
Love the show. It always has me laughing and keeps me out of trouble. I wish you guys came out with more content lately. I’ve listened to every episode at least three times. Keep up the good work and amazing show.


Stumbled across this podcast while looking for something new covering the horror genre. It's pretty much amazing. Great movie choices, engaging hosts, and a perspective on Crazy Ralph and Steve Christy that forever changed the way I'll watch F13. Brilliant pod, keep doing it forever.
Awful, nerdy
I love theses guys. I'm binge listening while recovering from a car accident, and they have me laughing until my broken ribs hurt. Totally worth it.
A great podcast put on by two guys who don't think they are smarter than the genre. They are true fans and have a great sense of humor.
These guys are very unique with their show not only that but they relate to regular horror movie fans and the regular people. And if you email them with any advice or questions THEY ACTUALLY ANSWER YOU haha they are really cool guys. They are definitely worth every hour to listen to. Thanks Evan and Adam! Much love Jacob,
An enjoyable listen. It's good to hear that they don't take themselves too seriously. So many podcasts nowadays make it about themselves, the hosts, but these guys stay on course. Only about a year old but they've already covered a bunch of classics. And anyone who recognizes the genius behind the original Black Christmas (1974) knows their stuff.
If you just found this it's worth a listen. These two guys run a great podcast specifically because they are interested in actually discussing the movie. 99% of podcasts are unlistenable because the host think it has to be a nonstop contest to one up the other one with some "witty" remarks and cracking jokes. If I want standup comedy I will go to a comedy club. While occasionaly humerous Adam and Evan are keen to stay on topic and give some meaty discussion of the movie....The five stars are well earned for the content and professionalism of which it is presented. Hope to see more...and please..please do the FINAL DESTINATION series!
As a person who is terrified of Slasher films, but absolutely fascinated by them, I am so excited to have found this podcast! Through witty hosts, Evan and Adam, I can experience a wealth of famous and infamous slashers, with the added bonus of intriguing discussion, from the safety of my place of work. Also, fantastic theme song!
You guys are awesome. Love that you respect Horror as an art form and it's really cool to have a discussion between a horror veteran and a someone fairly new to these films. Just subscribed and totally looking forward to the next one. And Evan's voice is super cool.
Awesome podcast! Quickly becoming my favorite horrororor podcast. Keep it up!