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There's nothing better than smart people talking about good (or bad) books. I love the hosts' intricate take on books and their interaction with each other. I hope they bring back more book discussions, those are my favorite. Thank you, Book Circle!
I followed the hosts from most of their Afterbuzz TV shows and I have to say I don't regret it at all. They are funny insightful and actually got me more into comics than I have been in a good long while. Love Frank, Lacretia, Joel, and Lex they are a great team. Also Lex is a national treasure who needs those five reviews.
Hey y'all. I started listening to this show because of the people on the panel. I'm a huge fan of the DC CW and Marvel shows, which is where I fell in love with y'alls awesome crazy ideas and overall nerdyness. So I decided to give this comic book exchange show a listen, now I'm all in on reading the comics y'all recommend and enjoying every bit of it. Thanks y'all for expanding my own nerdyness.
Love James, Maria and Marisa! They breathe life and fun into my days and I love 'hanging out' with them!
Love the book circles on the "When Calls the Heart" books! James, Maria, and Marisa are so much fun!
Marisa Serafini, Maria Provenzano, and James Lott, Jr. absolutely rock these book discussions! We Hearties love this podcast!


By amo0025
Really appreciated Annihilation even more after listening